Coca-Cola a Friendly Twist

It's start of a new school. You don't know anyone and you don't know how to talk or to start a conversation with others. but what if you can get a new friend by just a bottle of coke? Coca-Cola has made another brilliant idea not just to increase sales, but also to bring happiness to others especially to students like you.

This was posted yesterday on YouTube: (I don't own this video. all copyrights are owned by Coca-Cola)

It was published on May 19,2014. After just 10 days, it already generated 802,833 views on YouTube alone. There are some negative reviews about it because who would talk to strangers just to open a bottle of coke right?

This was introduced in Colombia designed by Leo Burnett. He thought of a way to have great interaction between fresh students on campus. Coca-Cola introduces "The Friendly Twist", a newly-designed bottle just like the last year's Coca-Cola's Share Happiness Can Campaign. Only this time, You don't really share the bottle. 

The Concept of this campaign is "Open a Coke, Open a new friendship".

It's actually the cap not the bottle that has the twist. You can't open the cap bottle by just twisting it by your self. You need another cap bottle to both of your bottles. In that way, not only you can drink a coke but you gain a new friend to drink it with.

It is truly a Happiness in a bottle.

Until the next post, hope you like this.

One Direction Fan Girl killed by her father

We saw this news from The Philippine Trend, how a teenage girl was killed by her own father. The girl was Gracelyn "grace", a supposedly 3rd college student was found dead on her bathroom floor around lunch time on May 27,2014.
Grace's brother was the one who found her lying in her pool of blood. He quickly ran outside of their house to call their cousins for help. 

The ParaƱaque police arrived at around 1:30pm. The suspect was her father who was found by the police  in a state of shock and sitting at corner of the room, holding a knife with a bloodied shirt. 

The suspect immediately surrendered, bawling while saying "I didn't mean to kill her. I didn't know what I was doing."

The suspect is charged with murder and is in the custody of the ParaƱaque police.

The victim's mother expound why her daughter was killed. It all started when the suspect found out that her daughter spent her tuition fee on a One Direction VIP concert ticket. She also stated "My husband worked really hard for that money. She was supposedly on her 3rd year of college. We put a lot of effort so she can graduate on time."

Harry Styles from One direction express on twitter his condolence to the victim's family:

No one has the right to kill someone no matter what the reason is. You don't have the authority to take away any life. Only God can have the power to do it.

How much are you willing to pay just to talk to your loved ones?

How many years has been since you went abroad to work?
When was the last time you talk to your loved ones?
How much are you willing to spend just to talk to them?

For every $0.60 per minute call, you need to timed your call just right. The only thing you can say is "Hello" or "I miss you" or "How are you?". How about the other things you wanted to say? You need to spend most of your salary just to talk to them.

I recently watched this video:

(I don't own this video. All copyright are owned by the Coca-Cola co.)

Coca has done it again. A new way to help every South Asia Laborers to talk to their respective families. I find it very interesting. This was shared to me by my office mate regarding a new tactic Coca-Cola has made. For every plastic bottle cap of coke, you get to talk for 3 minutes to any of your loved ones. Instead of currency, they used the plastic bottle cap.

The video itself made the audience hook immediately. It produces 18,993 shares, 9,918 likes, 903 comments and it's a viral video if I may say so myself; but unfortunately this is only available in UAE.

If Filipinos were to discover this phone booth, then the Coca-Cola Company would have boost up their sales even more. For Coca-Cola has been given us 128 years of  happiness. They never failed to amazed us with their unique commercials and campaigns. I would definitely be part of this happiness, how about you? Would you like to have this on your country?

(I don't own the pictures also. All copyright are owned by the Coca-Cola co.)

How to mend a broken heart

What is a broken heart?

According to Wikipedia, It is a common metaphor for the intense emotional pain or suffering one feels after losing a loved one, whether through death, divorce, breakup, physical separation, betrayal, or romantic rejection. 

I remember when I had my first break-up. I felt betrayed, miserable and angry. I don't have any one to turn to. I can't tell my parents because I was not allowed to have a relationship. My friends can't give me any advice because I was the first one to be in a relationship. But I figured it out myself.

Here are my own version to mend a broken heart:

1. Cry

Let it all out. You don't need to keep it. If you want to cry then cry. nobody is stopping you. It's a stress reliever, all the bad vibes from your body will be gone. After you cry, you should feel relaxed and it feels like a thorn has been removed from your heart.

2. Go on a date with yourself

Admit it, you're not used to go out without him/her. Activities like: watching movies, travel, going to the beach, or whatever other activities. List down the things you did with your partner and schedule yourself to do those things. You will feel independent and will able to face anything.

3. Pray
Don't forget about God. He knows what happen to you; he's just waiting for you to talk to him. You can go to church or in the blessed sacrament room. Thank him about the blessings he gave you, the things he is about to give you. Read the bible also while you're there and you'll be enlighten about there's more to life than love.

4. Create a list
List down the things you hate and love about him/her and place it in a box. After 10 days, open the box and read it. You won't notice yourself smiling or laughing about this person and eventually realize that he's not right for you. 

5. Smile / Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. Don't wear a fake smile, it's not worth it. Laugh when something is really funny. Like when you watch an episode of show time, Vice Ganda's tactics are so funny.  

6. Spend time with your loved ones
Plan a trip with your family or have movie dates with your friends. For me, my parents didn't know I had a boy friend. When they found out, they were angry at first but eventually they were the ones helped me to move on. Always remember this saying: "partners may come and go but family and friends are forever."

If you remember the film "One More Chance" with John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo, also remember the saying: "Sometimes it's better for two people to break up, so they can grow up." It just means that a little time off together or even a long one can change a person. It's either you learn from your mistake or not at all. You are still be the one to decide that.

Hope this post can be of help until next time :>

The Perfect One vs. The Right One

My parents always told me what they want for me even the person they want me to be my boyfriend or the person they want me to marry. They want someone who is rich, who is good-looking, who has good manners, you know the "Perfect" one. But is there a person like that?

Can you really find someone who is perfect yet you don't really love?
What is the difference between having a perfect one and finding the right one.

When you ask somebody was the perfect one for you? What would you tell them?
Some one who is:

  • Smart
  • Good-looking
  • Rich
  • Romantic
  • Physically Fit
  • Good Manners
Like the prince charming in the fairy tales. But in reality, there is no one in this world like that. If there is someone like that, nobody would have experience a broken heart. If you're waiting from someone like that, you'll end up being in the old and alone.

Who is the right one? What are the characteristics?
He may have some things like the perfect one has or he may have nothing at all. There are two things you should look for someone: Acceptance and Love.
He should be able to accept all of you. Whether you're a single mother/ a victim of a crime/ or whatever may happen in your life, he has to accept your past. It's not easy as flick of a finger but if he really loves you, then there shouldn't be any problem.

You don't need to find the perfect one for you, you'll just have to wait for God to give you the right one.
Who knows? The right one for you may be the one besides you.

Hope you enjoy reading this until next time. :)

What is Love?

Admit it! When you were in High School, you always see this on the second page of a slam book.
You will always answer: "Love is blind" "Love is being with someone you really want or like" or "Love is like a rosary that full of mysteries"

That last one was true. Love is full of mysteries. You don't choose the person you're going to fall. We have standards, yes that's true. But is it really love?

Let's define L-O-V-E:

In Science, Love is more on Biological Basis such as Evolutionary Psychology. Meaning the feelings we feel when we had our hearts broken or the feeling of thinking someone all day long is actually based on the chemicals that is present within our brains. For Science, Love is all in the mind. It also connected to sex because like I said the chemicals produce by your brain or your body.

How about in religious terms? Love is God. We came from no matter how many religion out there, it all came from God. He gave us "Love" in order to unify all of us. Every one is different but no matter how much a criminal you may be you should be loved.

For couples, "Love is you" that is obvious. Because that's where it all started, you found a the perfect person and you fall in love no questions ask.

For me, Love is infinite. It's a never ending cycle and a mystery. No matter how much pain it cause you, you will always fall love again and again. It does not focus on just one person, it can be a group of people like your family and friends.

Everybody has their own version of love. Even if we read it in a book or how much information we gather, we can never really define what love is.

How about it? What is Love for you?

I hope you fun reading this. until the next post :)

Lucky Girl Gets Taylor Swift's Red Tour Concert Tickets

I'm a big fan of Taylor Swift!

Even though I'm a fan, I cannot go to the concert nor do I have concert tickets.
For a mommy like me, my main priority is my FAMILY!

Anyways, this is not about me but how did one lucky girl got the RED TOUR Concert Tickets.

Watch this video below :

The set-up was on Alabang Town Center. At first, a guy sets up a booth with a Poster/ Board that says "Drop Php 600 here"

Many people took notice but none took the chance. If I was there, I would've done the same because on the mind of people, we would always think it's a scam. It's just like you're an investor, before you can invest, you have to know what can gain and what are you investing on. Is it legit?

Moving on.
After standing and talking to a lot of people. A couple walks by and took interest in it. At first they were hesitant, but after a few moments they agreed to give it a try.

The girl gave the 600 after a few minutes. There were people clapping and one by one she was given a different gift: a iPhone 5c, an iPad Mini, speakers, a year supply of Spinnr subscription and lastly: Tickets to the Taylor Swift's Red Tour Concert.

How I wish I was that girl.  Sometimes it's good to take risks. You never know what you'll get in return. :)

How to date a 'Torpe'

Before I can give you some tips let's first define: What is a Torpe?

A Torpe is a sheepish, shy-type of a guy. A guy who does not have any confidence in approaching a girl he likes. Sometimes, a Torpe is called "Clumsy" or "Dork".

Here are some tips on dating a "Torpe":

1. Make the First move
   You agreed to date this guy, so you should be the one to make the move. Open up topics that you know he'll like, you want to him comfortable around you. Eventually next time, he'll be able to make the first move.

2. Don't Pressure him
   Pressure can lead to tension and eventually you'll break up. Don't nag him with questions about his life again and again. Let him be the one to open up those things to you. 

3. Be Patient
   Don't get angry at him for he does not how to handle this kind of situations. It may take some time to make him overcome his shyness but always remember you chose this person. He needs you to support him in any way you can and he'll love you more than you know.

4. Teach Him
    You can also teach him about what he needs to know about having his first relationship. Sometimes, you can learn more from him than he can learn from you.

Every love story is different. I dated a Torpe for many months; he's the reason I created this article. We may have our differences but we overcome them. After a few years, He's now my fiancee and getting married next year. I hope these helpful tips can be of use for you. 
Until the next post :)

Having your FIRST relationship

This is my first blog post so bear with me with the errors.

I have been searching about what to do when you have you're first relationship. Apparently, I don't see much of articles about it so I decided to write about this topic.

My friends usually ask me: What do you usually do when you had your first relationship?

Here are some tips:

1. Talk to each other
    Communication is key. You have only just began your relationship; it's only natural you'll be awkward with each other.  It's your getting-to-know-each-other stage, talk about each other's interest, hobbies, interesting topics,etc. Just to make the awkward atmosphere disappear. You may see there are things you have in common or not. If you were friends before or known each other for years, you shouldn't have any problems in communication.

2. Take it slow

    You don't need to do anything intimate like kissing or hugging each other right away. It's not like that, you can just hold hands first. You want your partner to feel comfortable around you. You wouldn't want him/her to think you're just after something else. 

3. Don't forget your loved ones

    It's your first relationship, of course. Your world will revolve around each other, but don't forget your friends and family. You live how many years without him/her in your life. relationships may come and go but your friends and family are forever.

4. Never compare

    Don't compare your relationship with others who are sweet and lovey dovey on the streets. does it occur to you that they may be happy on the outside but one of them is cheating with another.

5. Don't be deaf

    If anyone gives an opinion or advice about your relationship: LISTEN. Don't ignore what others say. Just listen to them because those people have more experience than you.

6. Social Media Over sharing

    Don't be so dramatic that you'll have to share everything about your relationship: first kiss, first *** or first fight. People don't need to know every little detail about your life. You can share your sweet moments but all of them. Some things are tend to be keep it to yourself.


    All of these are connected. Trust him/her where he's/she's going or what she's/he's doing. If he/she is dishonest that's one lose their loyalty and trust. 

8. Love and accept yourself 

    How can your partner love you if you can't even love or accept yourself. Don't give it all to him/her. Save some love for yourself, when the time comes if he/she left you. You can pick up yourself to move on and be a better person.

But they most important thing:

9. Don't Forget about GOD

    Let God be the center of your lives. Every challenge you may face never forget him and every blessing you gain don't forget to thank him.

I hope these tips helps you on your first relationship. Until Next time :)