Coca-Cola a Friendly Twist

It's start of a new school. You don't know anyone and you don't know how to talk or to start a conversation with others. but what if you can get a new friend by just a bottle of coke? Coca-Cola has made another brilliant idea not just to increase sales, but also to bring happiness to others especially to students like you.

This was posted yesterday on YouTube: (I don't own this video. all copyrights are owned by Coca-Cola)

It was published on May 19,2014. After just 10 days, it already generated 802,833 views on YouTube alone. There are some negative reviews about it because who would talk to strangers just to open a bottle of coke right?

This was introduced in Colombia designed by Leo Burnett. He thought of a way to have great interaction between fresh students on campus. Coca-Cola introduces "The Friendly Twist", a newly-designed bottle just like the last year's Coca-Cola's Share Happiness Can Campaign. Only this time, You don't really share the bottle. 

The Concept of this campaign is "Open a Coke, Open a new friendship".

It's actually the cap not the bottle that has the twist. You can't open the cap bottle by just twisting it by your self. You need another cap bottle to both of your bottles. In that way, not only you can drink a coke but you gain a new friend to drink it with.

It is truly a Happiness in a bottle.

Until the next post, hope you like this.

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