Having your FIRST relationship

This is my first blog post so bear with me with the errors.

I have been searching about what to do when you have you're first relationship. Apparently, I don't see much of articles about it so I decided to write about this topic.

My friends usually ask me: What do you usually do when you had your first relationship?

Here are some tips:

1. Talk to each other
    Communication is key. You have only just began your relationship; it's only natural you'll be awkward with each other.  It's your getting-to-know-each-other stage, talk about each other's interest, hobbies, interesting topics,etc. Just to make the awkward atmosphere disappear. You may see there are things you have in common or not. If you were friends before or known each other for years, you shouldn't have any problems in communication.

2. Take it slow

    You don't need to do anything intimate like kissing or hugging each other right away. It's not like that, you can just hold hands first. You want your partner to feel comfortable around you. You wouldn't want him/her to think you're just after something else. 

3. Don't forget your loved ones

    It's your first relationship, of course. Your world will revolve around each other, but don't forget your friends and family. You live how many years without him/her in your life. relationships may come and go but your friends and family are forever.

4. Never compare

    Don't compare your relationship with others who are sweet and lovey dovey on the streets. does it occur to you that they may be happy on the outside but one of them is cheating with another.

5. Don't be deaf

    If anyone gives an opinion or advice about your relationship: LISTEN. Don't ignore what others say. Just listen to them because those people have more experience than you.

6. Social Media Over sharing

    Don't be so dramatic that you'll have to share everything about your relationship: first kiss, first *** or first fight. People don't need to know every little detail about your life. You can share your sweet moments but all of them. Some things are tend to be keep it to yourself.


    All of these are connected. Trust him/her where he's/she's going or what she's/he's doing. If he/she is dishonest that's one lose their loyalty and trust. 

8. Love and accept yourself 

    How can your partner love you if you can't even love or accept yourself. Don't give it all to him/her. Save some love for yourself, when the time comes if he/she left you. You can pick up yourself to move on and be a better person.

But they most important thing:

9. Don't Forget about GOD

    Let God be the center of your lives. Every challenge you may face never forget him and every blessing you gain don't forget to thank him.

I hope these tips helps you on your first relationship. Until Next time :)