How much are you willing to pay just to talk to your loved ones?

How many years has been since you went abroad to work?
When was the last time you talk to your loved ones?
How much are you willing to spend just to talk to them?

For every $0.60 per minute call, you need to timed your call just right. The only thing you can say is "Hello" or "I miss you" or "How are you?". How about the other things you wanted to say? You need to spend most of your salary just to talk to them.

I recently watched this video:

(I don't own this video. All copyright are owned by the Coca-Cola co.)

Coca has done it again. A new way to help every South Asia Laborers to talk to their respective families. I find it very interesting. This was shared to me by my office mate regarding a new tactic Coca-Cola has made. For every plastic bottle cap of coke, you get to talk for 3 minutes to any of your loved ones. Instead of currency, they used the plastic bottle cap.

The video itself made the audience hook immediately. It produces 18,993 shares, 9,918 likes, 903 comments and it's a viral video if I may say so myself; but unfortunately this is only available in UAE.

If Filipinos were to discover this phone booth, then the Coca-Cola Company would have boost up their sales even more. For Coca-Cola has been given us 128 years of  happiness. They never failed to amazed us with their unique commercials and campaigns. I would definitely be part of this happiness, how about you? Would you like to have this on your country?

(I don't own the pictures also. All copyright are owned by the Coca-Cola co.)

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