How to date a 'Torpe'

Before I can give you some tips let's first define: What is a Torpe?

A Torpe is a sheepish, shy-type of a guy. A guy who does not have any confidence in approaching a girl he likes. Sometimes, a Torpe is called "Clumsy" or "Dork".

Here are some tips on dating a "Torpe":

1. Make the First move
   You agreed to date this guy, so you should be the one to make the move. Open up topics that you know he'll like, you want to him comfortable around you. Eventually next time, he'll be able to make the first move.

2. Don't Pressure him
   Pressure can lead to tension and eventually you'll break up. Don't nag him with questions about his life again and again. Let him be the one to open up those things to you. 

3. Be Patient
   Don't get angry at him for he does not how to handle this kind of situations. It may take some time to make him overcome his shyness but always remember you chose this person. He needs you to support him in any way you can and he'll love you more than you know.

4. Teach Him
    You can also teach him about what he needs to know about having his first relationship. Sometimes, you can learn more from him than he can learn from you.

Every love story is different. I dated a Torpe for many months; he's the reason I created this article. We may have our differences but we overcome them. After a few years, He's now my fiancee and getting married next year. I hope these helpful tips can be of use for you. 
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