How to mend a broken heart

What is a broken heart?

According to Wikipedia, It is a common metaphor for the intense emotional pain or suffering one feels after losing a loved one, whether through death, divorce, breakup, physical separation, betrayal, or romantic rejection. 

I remember when I had my first break-up. I felt betrayed, miserable and angry. I don't have any one to turn to. I can't tell my parents because I was not allowed to have a relationship. My friends can't give me any advice because I was the first one to be in a relationship. But I figured it out myself.

Here are my own version to mend a broken heart:

1. Cry

Let it all out. You don't need to keep it. If you want to cry then cry. nobody is stopping you. It's a stress reliever, all the bad vibes from your body will be gone. After you cry, you should feel relaxed and it feels like a thorn has been removed from your heart.

2. Go on a date with yourself

Admit it, you're not used to go out without him/her. Activities like: watching movies, travel, going to the beach, or whatever other activities. List down the things you did with your partner and schedule yourself to do those things. You will feel independent and will able to face anything.

3. Pray
Don't forget about God. He knows what happen to you; he's just waiting for you to talk to him. You can go to church or in the blessed sacrament room. Thank him about the blessings he gave you, the things he is about to give you. Read the bible also while you're there and you'll be enlighten about there's more to life than love.

4. Create a list
List down the things you hate and love about him/her and place it in a box. After 10 days, open the box and read it. You won't notice yourself smiling or laughing about this person and eventually realize that he's not right for you. 

5. Smile / Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. Don't wear a fake smile, it's not worth it. Laugh when something is really funny. Like when you watch an episode of show time, Vice Ganda's tactics are so funny.  

6. Spend time with your loved ones
Plan a trip with your family or have movie dates with your friends. For me, my parents didn't know I had a boy friend. When they found out, they were angry at first but eventually they were the ones helped me to move on. Always remember this saying: "partners may come and go but family and friends are forever."

If you remember the film "One More Chance" with John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo, also remember the saying: "Sometimes it's better for two people to break up, so they can grow up." It just means that a little time off together or even a long one can change a person. It's either you learn from your mistake or not at all. You are still be the one to decide that.

Hope this post can be of help until next time :>

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