Lucky Girl Gets Taylor Swift's Red Tour Concert Tickets

I'm a big fan of Taylor Swift!

Even though I'm a fan, I cannot go to the concert nor do I have concert tickets.
For a mommy like me, my main priority is my FAMILY!

Anyways, this is not about me but how did one lucky girl got the RED TOUR Concert Tickets.

Watch this video below :

The set-up was on Alabang Town Center. At first, a guy sets up a booth with a Poster/ Board that says "Drop Php 600 here"

Many people took notice but none took the chance. If I was there, I would've done the same because on the mind of people, we would always think it's a scam. It's just like you're an investor, before you can invest, you have to know what can gain and what are you investing on. Is it legit?

Moving on.
After standing and talking to a lot of people. A couple walks by and took interest in it. At first they were hesitant, but after a few moments they agreed to give it a try.

The girl gave the 600 after a few minutes. There were people clapping and one by one she was given a different gift: a iPhone 5c, an iPad Mini, speakers, a year supply of Spinnr subscription and lastly: Tickets to the Taylor Swift's Red Tour Concert.

How I wish I was that girl.  Sometimes it's good to take risks. You never know what you'll get in return. :)

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