One Direction Fan Girl killed by her father

We saw this news from The Philippine Trend, how a teenage girl was killed by her own father. The girl was Gracelyn "grace", a supposedly 3rd college student was found dead on her bathroom floor around lunch time on May 27,2014.
Grace's brother was the one who found her lying in her pool of blood. He quickly ran outside of their house to call their cousins for help. 

The ParaƱaque police arrived at around 1:30pm. The suspect was her father who was found by the police  in a state of shock and sitting at corner of the room, holding a knife with a bloodied shirt. 

The suspect immediately surrendered, bawling while saying "I didn't mean to kill her. I didn't know what I was doing."

The suspect is charged with murder and is in the custody of the ParaƱaque police.

The victim's mother expound why her daughter was killed. It all started when the suspect found out that her daughter spent her tuition fee on a One Direction VIP concert ticket. She also stated "My husband worked really hard for that money. She was supposedly on her 3rd year of college. We put a lot of effort so she can graduate on time."

Harry Styles from One direction express on twitter his condolence to the victim's family:

No one has the right to kill someone no matter what the reason is. You don't have the authority to take away any life. Only God can have the power to do it.

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