The Perfect One vs. The Right One

My parents always told me what they want for me even the person they want me to be my boyfriend or the person they want me to marry. They want someone who is rich, who is good-looking, who has good manners, you know the "Perfect" one. But is there a person like that?

Can you really find someone who is perfect yet you don't really love?
What is the difference between having a perfect one and finding the right one.

When you ask somebody was the perfect one for you? What would you tell them?
Some one who is:

  • Smart
  • Good-looking
  • Rich
  • Romantic
  • Physically Fit
  • Good Manners
Like the prince charming in the fairy tales. But in reality, there is no one in this world like that. If there is someone like that, nobody would have experience a broken heart. If you're waiting from someone like that, you'll end up being in the old and alone.

Who is the right one? What are the characteristics?
He may have some things like the perfect one has or he may have nothing at all. There are two things you should look for someone: Acceptance and Love.
He should be able to accept all of you. Whether you're a single mother/ a victim of a crime/ or whatever may happen in your life, he has to accept your past. It's not easy as flick of a finger but if he really loves you, then there shouldn't be any problem.

You don't need to find the perfect one for you, you'll just have to wait for God to give you the right one.
Who knows? The right one for you may be the one besides you.

Hope you enjoy reading this until next time. :)

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