What is Love?

Admit it! When you were in High School, you always see this on the second page of a slam book.
You will always answer: "Love is blind" "Love is being with someone you really want or like" or "Love is like a rosary that full of mysteries"

That last one was true. Love is full of mysteries. You don't choose the person you're going to fall. We have standards, yes that's true. But is it really love?

Let's define L-O-V-E:

In Science, Love is more on Biological Basis such as Evolutionary Psychology. Meaning the feelings we feel when we had our hearts broken or the feeling of thinking someone all day long is actually based on the chemicals that is present within our brains. For Science, Love is all in the mind. It also connected to sex because like I said the chemicals produce by your brain or your body.

How about in religious terms? Love is God. We came from no matter how many religion out there, it all came from God. He gave us "Love" in order to unify all of us. Every one is different but no matter how much a criminal you may be you should be loved.

For couples, "Love is you" that is obvious. Because that's where it all started, you found a the perfect person and you fall in love no questions ask.

For me, Love is infinite. It's a never ending cycle and a mystery. No matter how much pain it cause you, you will always fall love again and again. It does not focus on just one person, it can be a group of people like your family and friends.

Everybody has their own version of love. Even if we read it in a book or how much information we gather, we can never really define what love is.

How about it? What is Love for you?

I hope you fun reading this. until the next post :)

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