Relationship Issues: How to STOP arguing

In every relationship, there's no guarantee that you won't argue. It's a helping process for both you and your partner. You may not know it's part of a growing process for both of you.

Sometimes, it's healthy for both you to argue but don't fight just because of petty thing. If you continue to fight even the smallest thing, you might end breaking up.

Here are some tips:

1. Space from one another

A little space between the two of you can make help you two sort out your feelings. A short break like for a few hours or even just a few days will make you think and miss each other. A little space is to able for both of you to breathe especially when the two of you are always together.

2. Lower your PRIDE and Apologize

None of you don't want to talk to each other because you think the other is responsible. Pride is something that shouldn't tolerate. If you know that you are responsible, then say sorry don't say it sarcastically or you might get into another argument. You won't be able to make-up after that.

3. Talk

Communication is key to stop arguing. Sit down and talk to each other. Ask each other what started the fight? Every thing can be solved by talking in a calm manner. Don't let your emotions get the best of you like don't blame the other party or point out his flaws because remember you chose this person to love despite having those flaws.

4. Change

Of course after the argument, you have realized some mistakes you made or you need to change some attitudes that are just unbearable. You don't have to change immediately, take baby steps into becoming a better person for your partner.

There are people who always argue are the ones who has the best relationship. Because they learn to grow mature together. But don't always argue because one day one of you may grow tired and end the relationship. Remember love each other and always let God be the center of your relationship. He will always guide you to the right path and don't forget it. :)

Sorry it took so long again to post :) until next time