SONA 2014: A gown to remember

We all know the State of the Nation Address (SONA) occurred on July 28, 2014 (Monday). SONA 2014 red carpet fashion was an awaited for netizens to see who wore the best gowns.

I love Heart Evangelista's gown created by Joel Samson (Avant Garde Terno). This is a scene-stealer in the red carpet of the event. Beautiful in white what better to expect from Chiz Escudero's girlfriend.

How to know and handle: STALKERS

How would you know if you have a stalker?

Here are some questions to know if you have one:

1. Have you notice some one following you?
   Some people may not notice that they are stalked because they are too busy with their daily problems and activities. Many people might the notice the stranger and tell you, but you just brush it off as one of their jokes. Remember: Listen to what others say.

2. Does somebody leave more than 50 messages on your phone?
    They tend to leave messages words like: "I love you", "I want you", "You're outfit looks good on you today", and many more. Some tend to use words like: "I'll kill you if you won't reply just once".

3. Does somebody send gifts?

    Accepting the gifts of a stalker is (according to them) a sign of accepting their love. You always remember what our parents say don't accept anything from people we don't know.

Online Shopping Site in the Philippines

In this the day and age of the Internet, everything is just a click away whether for school, work or just in the comfort of your home. In school, students used their laptops or school computers to surf the net for their studies. They also can't resist checking their social media updates. Using the internet while working is common for office but there's just a limit of sites you can visit. Social Media is banned because it distraction from working unless you're an E-commerce company or IT company. But have you tried shopping online? 

Online shopping in the Philippines is rapidly growing whether they sell using agent sites, using social media or having their own website. There is no telling whether you are buying in a legit shopping store or you're just being scammed. Sometimes, there are even reports or news of having killed because of meet-ups for the transactions. But there is an advantage in buying online, you don't want have to worry to much in buying your necessities such as GROCERIES.