How to know and handle: STALKERS

How would you know if you have a stalker?

Here are some questions to know if you have one:

1. Have you notice some one following you?
   Some people may not notice that they are stalked because they are too busy with their daily problems and activities. Many people might the notice the stranger and tell you, but you just brush it off as one of their jokes. Remember: Listen to what others say.

2. Does somebody leave more than 50 messages on your phone?
    They tend to leave messages words like: "I love you", "I want you", "You're outfit looks good on you today", and many more. Some tend to use words like: "I'll kill you if you won't reply just once".

3. Does somebody send gifts?

    Accepting the gifts of a stalker is (according to them) a sign of accepting their love. You always remember what our parents say don't accept anything from people we don't know.

If your answer is all yes, then beware you have a Stalker among you. Be careful when you go out alone in the late hours of the evening, you should have somebody with you. 

Let's first define, what is a STALKER ?

A stalker has a behavioral that wanted attention from the desire of his affection or lust. Some may be notorious or dangerous to the point of kidnapping you and raping. Others just want to be near or just to be close to you those are the mild ones. But still a stalker is still a stalker. How would you know if you were being stalked?

Here are 5 steps into handling one:

1. Identify your stalker:

   To know your stalker, you must first asked those people around you. If you're one of those people who tend to ignore things around you, then get help from those people who are always with you. Ask around about if there seen anybody following you and take notes. Make a good description of your stalker, you might know it can be friend or a relative or just a random guy. Sometimes, the least people you expected are the ones that can be the perpetrator.

2. Talk to somebody (This is optional)

   As I have written before, stalkers are your least expected person. You might think that they are your friends but some times even friends can be our worst enemies. but you always informed the police that you are being stalked we have a law regarding privacy rights.

3. Change Patterns:

  Stalkers tend to study your daily patterns such as where you regularly shop for groceries, your daily route when going in or out of the office and you would see them whether walking behind you or just outside of your house. If this happens, then you may want to change everything just to avoid them at all cost.

4. Gather Evidence:

    This is the best solution yet. Gather all the things what the stalker did to you. From when it all started to the present harassment he/she has done to you then you can proceed to the last step which is...

5. File a restraining order:

    Once all of the evidence are gathered, you can file a restraining order or protection order (in the Philippines). According to PROTECTION ORDERS UNDER REPUBLIC ACT 9262, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE ANTI-VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND THEIR CHILDREN ACT Sec. 8, We can apply for a restraining order for the protection against stalkers which he have to obliged. If not, he/she will send to jail for 6 months and will be charge a fine ranging from 5,000-50,000.

Now you know how to handle the situation if ever you were put it in. It's best to know the things before anything worse happens to you :) 

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