SONA 2014: A gown to remember

We all know the State of the Nation Address (SONA) occurred on July 28, 2014 (Monday). SONA 2014 red carpet fashion was an awaited for netizens to see who wore the best gowns.

I love Heart Evangelista's gown created by Joel Samson (Avant Garde Terno). This is a scene-stealer in the red carpet of the event. Beautiful in white what better to expect from Chiz Escudero's girlfriend.

The President's Sister turn heads with this beautiful yellow gown created by Carey Santiago. Remember, Yellow is the symbol for their family which looks fabulous on The Queen of all media host.

Everybody wore beautiful gowns that makes the event worth seeing. But the most famous to all netizens was Senator Nancy Binay's Traditional white and green Korean costume. This gown was the most cutest but someone unique style of gown I have ever seen.

This was one of the memes Favorited by Nancy Binay. She was made look like "Princess Fiona" from Shrek voiced by Cameron Diaz. There were other memes gown like she was compared to a Datu Puti Pack because of the green, white and yellow theme of the pack.

The Senator just laughs off all the comments and memes. Now that's a sport, a attitude that we should all do. Even though you're being laugh at or joke at never forget it's just a joke. If it's more on the personal side attacking you, then let it all be up to God. 

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