Google Doodle: John Venn's 180th Birthday

Google celebrates the 180th birthday of John Venn, a English Logician and Philosopher. He was born on August 4, 1834 and he was famous for creating the Venn Diagram.

For some people who don't know, the Venn Diagram is a diagram that can show you possible outcome of two sets of collection. Google chose the different types of collection for you to combine or logical emerge together.

Set A consists of: vegetation, sea life, musical, transport, and mammals. 

Set B consists of Tiny, Has wings, Thrives in the cold, Has a shell and Mythical / In Space.

Everything has a possibility of combining to items together. Like for example, (picture below) I combined "Sea Life" with "Has a Shell" and resulted to a turtle. 

Another is combining "Musical" with "Thrives in Cold" resulted to a ice cream truck. This is true because you can see it has "Musical" qualities and also "Thrives in Cold" because of the ice cream it sells.
The world has many possibilities can result to a invention created by God and every one of us are all part of the system. 

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