How to handle: JEALOUSY

In every relationship in family or partner, jealousy is a common thing. This green-eyed monster is the desire to get rid of any competitors stand in your way. Sometimes, jealousy can target anyone like your friends and family especially with siblings. 

Sibling rivalry/ jealousy is very common. An only child always wants some attention from their parents. If a new member of the family comes along they will feel threaten. They think we won't give them enough love and attention they would want. As parents, we should teach them that being jealous is not good. Always show both of your children that you both love them equally, no favorites. Jealous kids tend to be the rebellious-type of teenagers when they grow up because no one has taught them the proper ways to handle jealousy.

Jealousy can also occur in friends particularly when it comes to love. For example, you and your best friend like the same person, then this will be the start of your rivalry with each other, breaking your friendship. You were inseparable just because of love, you're willing to tear each other apart. Although sometimes a little rivalry can bring out the best out of you. 

But in a loving relationship, this could be the challenge to test whether your love is really strong. The green-eyed monster occurs when we see our partner just talking with someone else. It is located within our own minds; our brain may always tell you maybe you are being cheated on that's why he won't go with you. 
There are many ways to handle our monster within us, some may handle it the hard way.

Here are some tips:

1. Clear your mind.
   Close your eyes, breathe in and count one to ten.This is an effective method in clearing one's mind. You'll forget all the things you were worried about. After this exercise, you will think what were you so worried about. Don't let your mind contradict what you feel. 

2. Communicate.

    Talk it out with your partner, your parent or even your friend about the situation. It's better to always communicate with the person all of your problems even it is small. You might got jealous and didn't talk to them which can confused them and might end up to breaking your relationship/friendship.

3. Trust. (in a relationship)

    For this is in every relationship, you learn to have trust in your partner. Don't think too much that they will leave you. If does, then it's their loss.

Learn to control your green-eyed monster because it can lead to worse scenario: Violence.

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