How to make Crispy Tuna

I'm not much into cooking but I like experimenting with my different fried dishes.

But always remember: "Too much of something is bad for you." Especially when too much fried foods may cause Alzheimer disease.

I experimented on one dish. I called it "Crispy Tuna"

Crispy Tuna Recipe:


1 Century Tuna (spicy or original)
1 Crispy Fry breading mix
Cooking Oil
1 egg (optional)


1. Open the century tuna can and drain the sauce. You can also have the sauce mixed with the rice and cook it.
2. Mix the Crispy Fry breading mix with the century tuna. (make sure you wash your hands first)
Don't mix all the crispy fry into the century or it may be too salty for your taste. Just make mix to your taste preference.
3. After mixing, wash your hands and open the stove set the fire to high.
4. Pour the cooking oil, set the heat on the medium and put it the mixed crispy tuna wait until golden brown. Close the stove and serve it on a plate.

**While cooking the crispy tuna, you can pour in the scrambled egg. (this is optional)

There you have it. The servings is good for two only. Enjoy!
Next time I'll share my other recipes. until next time :)
(I'll post the pictures next time)

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