Make-up Transformation Memes

When they say "Make-up Transformation", what we always think of is the transformation the before and after putting a make-up. It is true what they say when you here the words: "Looks can be deceiving" but in these saying it is more on the personality side of the person. But with the magic of make-up, you can really say this words without hesitation.

Make-Up Transformation started in an Korean/Chinese show about how the magic of make-up can do wonders. With a touch of mascara, eyeliner and Kpop contact lenses, you can look like this in a few minutes:

But right now, the make-up transformation has evolved into much funnier trend. Usually, the transformation are just two panels the before and after putting a make-up. When it became a trend meme, the transformation is using make up on the first three panels and on the final panel is the famous person whether it's a actor or singer. There are others who uses Disney characters or movie characters for their meme transformation. Whats your make-up transformation? :)

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