Indomie Noodles :)

My cousin send some Indomie Noodles as a Balikbayan gift for my uncle from dubai. He gave us some of the extras so I decided to do a review on it. 


Your first impression will it's very colorful. Not fond of the writings though maybe because I can't understand it (haha!). Anyways, the packaging is easy on the eyes; the colors are not too bright and yet you can't tell whether it's spicy or just plain. They should made it with the preference of one's taste buds (spicy, sweet, sour). I got to know it was spicy when I saw the condiments.


It is just like any other instant noodle products. The only difference is the coloring of the noodles. Instant Noodles from Korea are it's almost orange-like and others have this kim-chi kind of smell. But Indomie noodles are pale almost white color. 


I find the soy sauce very sticky. I didn't have time to take a photo of it because it got stuck on my hands and I had to wash it. It looks like a gooey slug. (eww!)

Outcome and Taste

I paired it with a sunny-side up egg and rice. I don't usually do this, but just a little experiment. And Here comes my favorite part: Taste Test! It turn out to be delectable and it's a 5 star quality noodles. 


Indomie Noodles are one of the best. I gave it a two thumbs up and recommend you to try it specially when you paired it with egg and rice. 

Hope you like this! Check out our future reviews :)

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