My Top 5 FlipTop Philippines Battle Emcees

I recently became a fan of the world of FlipTop. For those who doesn't what FlipTop or FlipTop Battles, it is the The First Philippines Rap Battle League. It is a underground rap battle contest usually joined by amateur/recreational rappers. It is established here in the Philippines in February 2010 by The president and Father of the FlipTop is Alaric Riam Yuson or better known as "Anygma".

Fliptop became a reputable in the Hip Hop society because of the power of Youtube. It is said to be represent as a Balagtasan, where two rappers are rutted against one another in a fight of a freestyle rap. In every fight there are three rounds and the winner will be determine by a board of judges. 

The battles are alienated into two divisions: Filipino Conference, which uses the Filipino language and English Conference, which employ the English language. It is said that The Filipino Conference is sub-divided into regional divisions (Metro Manila, Central Luzon, CALABARZON and Mindanao).

Battle emcees have a lot of style of words and rhythmic flows. The most highly assessment by the judges are in the lyricism and delivery of lines in the battles. But the main goal of the battlers is bashing their opponents' notions with their own bars and expletives.

Here are my Top five battle emcees for the Filipino Conference:

5. Zaito

No one know what his real name is. His battling skills are great and funny but not as funny as dello or bassilyo. He's from Cavite but currently living in Las Pinas. His reppin family is the Vigilante Family and South Radical Production. The main source of his opponents' punts is his teeth, but this doesn't stop Zaito in fighting during battles. His standing is 2 wins and 3 losses. The epic FlipTop battle for Zaito is he went against Loonie.

Part 1

Part 2

4. Bassilyo 

    The "Tandang" or "Matanda" from Marikina. "Matanda" because his age is the main source of the punts or insults his opponents uses against him. His real name is Lordivino Ignacio and he is a member of the Crazy as Pinoy, Crazy Family and Bad Boys. His signature outfit is his scarf; you would never see his battles without his scarf (at least I didn't). During the battle, he styles is more on the physical insults which is more the comedic style especially during the Dos 4 Dos tournament, when he is partnered with Crazymix. 

3. Loonie

   Also known as the President of the battle rap. His real name is Marlon Peroramas from Cebu City and currently living in Pasig City. He represents Stickfiggas, 6000 Goonz, Team Watawat, Batangay Tibay, and Konektado. He was said to be the "right hand man" of late King of Rap, Francis "Kiko" Magalona. He was also a former member of the obliterated organization Rappublic which also headed by Kiko Magalona. He is considered as one of the best because he was the only one who won against dello, the king of rebuttals. His standings is 4 wins and 0 losses. He was the partner of Abra during the Dos 4 Dos tournament, which they loss to Sheyee and Smugglaz.

2. Smugglaz

    His real name is Bryan Lao. Just like dello, he is also from Tondo, Manila. He is considered as one of the fastest battle emcees in the world of FlipTop. His reppin group is Ghettoland of Tondo, 187 Mobstaz, B.R.P. and M.C.R. His standings is 2 wins and 0 loss. He wrote songs such as Panghawakan Mo Lang, Bati na Tayo, Ngayon Nauna Nako, etc. He became a trend in the social media when he fell down on stage during battle on Naic, Cavite. This generated 3,842,815 views on Youtube and counting. He together with Sheyee won the dos for dos championship battle against Loonie and Abra. 

1. Dello

  Also known as "The king of rebuttals". Dello's real name is Wendell de Jesus Gatmaitan from Tondo, manila. His reppin group is the Skwaterhawz mongol unit/KMQ 1597. His standing is 6 wins and 1 loss, which he lost to Loonie,the President of Battle Rap. He is the best rapper in the FlipTop Battles. His tactic is using the lines from his opponents and countering-attack it against them. His mind is fast in creating rhythmic rebuttals against his opponents; there was one battle that shows how fast his mind is. (you can watch it below)

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