Our "Dirty" Ice Cream Experience

On our way home from the TEAM building, we spot the dirty ice cream cart. It's been years since we had dirty ice cream desserts. My husband and I were craving for it for quite some time now, but first, let's define what it a dirty ice cream.

Why is it called a "Dirty" Ice Cream?

It's not necessarily "dirty" like mud or anything like that. We call it "Dirty" because of unsanitary conditions of the seller and some of the sellers / cart pushers don't wears gloves. But others call it "Dirty" because of it's price for as low as 5 pesos single scoop not unlike the big companies.

It is only available here in the Philippines, It is called "Sorbetes" from the word Sorbet. But it is made from coconut milk and can be served in sugar cones, bread buns, and wafer cones.

Prices for these ice cream are very cheap. The sugar cone is usually 5 pesos but some vendors charged 7 pesos to gain more profit. The wafer cone is only 10 pesos some are 11 pesos and lastly the bread buns costs 15 - 20 pesos or sometimes if you want to add extra scoops they charged you more.

We picked out the wafer cones which is the 10 pesos each. There are only two flavors cheese and mango. I didn't recognize it was mango because of the color. (usually the color for the mango flavor is Orange-yellow.)

Next time if we ever encounter another dirty ice cream seller, I hope this time it will have lot's of flavors.

Until the next post :)

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  1. It's not dirty, just unsanitary, hahahahaha! Yummmm! Anyway, I love dirty Ice cream. Sadly, there are no ice cream vendors in our village. :/ I feel so deprived!


Thank you for the comment :)