Real or Fake: Mermaids

Pictures of the "mermaid" was circulated around Facebook. The suspected "Mermaid" pictures was uploaded by Link Tungsen yesterday. 

For those who don't know, Mermaids are creatures with a female upper body and a lower extremities of a fish. Mermaids are also called death-bringers, they lure sailors or men by singing to them and making their ships run into the rocks. In other tales, Mermaids are said to be Dugongs, marine mammals together with Manatees. They are also called Sea Cows. The tail

Mermaids has said to be living more than humans can. They can live up until 700 years of age. But there was an documentary in 2012 and 2013 about mermaids. First was entitled as Mermaids: the Body Found released on May 27, 2012, document hypothesis that mermaids do exist. In 2013, the continuation of the discovery for the truth about mermaids. It was entitled: Mermaids: The New Evidence, both documentaries was aired on Animal Planet. 

Scientists haven't explored 95% are haven't explored just yet. We are the creatures that we have to or need to see it to believe it. It's in all of us if we believe all the things we see on the net. Some just want to be famous for capturing such unexplained creatures like the lochness monster, big foot and many more. But I do know these whatever unexplained we have in this world, learn to just live with it, don't judge it because it's not normal. Always think it is a part of the world you live in and the world that God created. :)

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