Top five remedies for Fever

For first-time mommies, do you know what are the remedies for fever without giving your child too much medicine? The first symptom of a disease is usually FEVER. Working adults usually just take a Biogesic or Bioflu if they feel they going to have a fever.

but how about children? Their bodies are much more delicate than an adults and some of them are more prone to illness. There are many remedies for fever but I'll only give you my 5 most effective remedies for fever.

Five Remedies For Fever:

1. Stay Hydrated always.

   Whether it is juice, milk or water, always remember be hydrated always. When your baby is sick always let him drink water, this will help him flush down the bacteria inside his body. Fruit juices can also help cleanse the body, some fruits contain antioxidants to hinder bacteria for doing any more damage to the body. For example, Orange juice have vitamin C that help boost you and your child's immune system and Milk have calcium that make the bones strong and less prone to diseases such as bone cancer and osteoporosis. 

2. Cool Down.

    Taking a bath whether sponge or cold bath helps give you relief. When you have a fever, you feel all sticky all over the body. Bathing helps you cool down your temperature evaporating the excess hot inside your body. If you don't want a cold shower then take a sponge bath. Using a moist towel, soak the towel and wipes them all over your body. Another method is leaving a cloth soak with water in your forehead to relieve yourself of the discomfort because of the fever. You can also cool down but wearing less clothing because wearing more can trap body heat more thus making your fever longer.

*when you don't want a cloth on your forehead or want a faster way to cool down, you can also use Kool Fever,a stick-on pad for your forehead with cooling action that works as fast as overnight.

3. Eat.

   You won't get well soon enough without eating. Eating cold food like Popsicle or yogurt are sometimes called fever-reducers help you lessen your body's temperature. But some parents give their kids warm food like porridge or Lugaw in Tagalog, which is usually eaten with an egg and it's easier for kids to eat and digest. 

4. Drink Medicine.

    Medicine is just a help to reduce your fever. Because some children tend to be allergic to medicine, you may want to consult a pediatrician first. 

5. Last thing you need is Sleep or Rest.

   Everybody needs a break once in a while. Everything has it's limits, don't push yourself too hard to the point of fainting during an activity or while working. Resting and Sleeping can store energy and helps to fight against any sickness. Sleeping for kids helps them grow more and more. 

Hope this help for you mommies, but also remember that having a balance diet and exercise for you and your family can help prevent diseases. :)

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