Wai Ying Fastfood at Manila Chinatown

binondo manila chinatown

I give to you some of the best restaurant here in manila. My husband and his friend were telling how they ate in this restaurant.  It is called the WAI YING FAST FOOD RESTAURANT at Manila Chinatown . They weren't actually a chinese food lover but they decided to try it out :)

chinesa restaurant chinatown

You wouldn't doubt that it is a chinese fastfood resto, they will surely serve you an awesome meal in a minute or in an instant after you place your order. Definitely a great place for the eager eater like them who hates to wait :)

It's not actually a big place to accommodate over 50 person but I heard they also have other branches in manila which is much bigger here.

They told me the moment they enter Waiying and saw this
hanging inside that glass, they already knew the type of meal they would want to order.

My husband's best dish choice was probably the Soy Chicken Rice. An office friend of ours keeps telling us before that we should really try the dish if we plan to visit Waiying Fast Food and she’s right because the Soy Chicken is awesomely delicious and my husband order another extra rice for it (haha!)

Kokoy, my husband's friend ordered the Asado Fried Rice. This was definitely fit to his liking and also for my husband's taste buds.  

He also ordered an extra plate of fried rice only for himself ( hahah antakaw talaga)

Since it’s on the menu, my husband also ordered his another favorite meryenda, Special Asado Siopao!

Shark’s Fin Dumpling

They also ordered the shark's fin dumpling and radish cake. My husband was curious about it, tried it but it doesn't soothe it to his liking. I like it because it was one of my favorite chinese dish. :)

This is my husband friend, kokoy! His partner in crime when it comes to eating (hehe!)

And this is my husband, he may look thin but he sure can eat a lot and I just love seeing him eating to his heart's content.

soy chicken asado fried rice

All in all! their Wai Ying Fastfood experience is definitely satisfying so this won't be their last here because next time I will be with them to taste Wai Ying's delicacy :)

Waiying Fastfood

PHONE: 02 2436665
ADDRESS: 810 Benavidez Street, Binondo, Manila


  1. I would really like to go to Chinatown Manila soon. I've never been there, would you believe? My folks used to frequent that strip for food tripping back in the days and I just looove authentic Chinese food. Mura pa!

    Soy Chicken and Asado Fried rice are two of our most common orders when we go to Chinese restos. :)

    1. Try the radish cake masarap although hindi gusto ni hubby :>


Thank you for the comment :)