Banzai: The Japanese Buffet Haven!

"You can't buy HAPPINESS, but you can SUSHI which is kinda like the same thing. :)"

I was invited for my first blog event by +Zomato for their #foodiemeetup event last Saturday on Banzai: The Great Teppanyaki Theater. For somebody who loves Japanese food, I immediately accepted the invite. I went together with my fellow blogger and friend who also got invited on the event.

Trivia: Banzai [万歳] t means "Hurray!" or "Long live" in Japanese. This is usually repeated at least three times which expresses excitement, happiness, celebration, and many more during drinking parties. (Sorry for the blurry pictures!)

In Front of Banzai: The Great Teppamyaki Theater

Verdon Ne Silky Review

My hair is a disaster area especially when I comb it, it becomes tangled all over. I don't like trying products I don't know because it might more damage to my hair. At first, I thought it was the shampoo's fault or the conditioner so I can it my shampoo frequently but the result is always the same. When I had enough of my tangled hair, I decided to take the risk and try my friend's recommendation on this product.

The name of the product is Verdon Ne Silky, hair spa treatment conditioner. I chose the papaya juices extract. It doesn't really smell like papayas or anything but it does give off nice sweet smell. When I tried my hair you can immediately feel your hair turning smooth. After my bath, My hair doesn't tangled anymore when I tried to comb it. (finally!)

My soon-to-be hubby likes it also he can comb my hair with his hand and it doesn't tangled. It is also very cheap, it only cost me Php 250 for 1000 ml in malls or stores you can get this product for 500+ above. There are also other kinds like Milk extract and also Pomegranate for those who have hair color. (I will upload the result pictures soon :))

Cherry Pie Picache's mom was stabbed during a storm break

It has been three days since Mario left our country and left some damages. We might have survived the storm but others are not so lucky. There are reports that stated deaths throughout Metro Manila such as students are electrocuted when going to school. But there are also worst reports that even during a storm evil never stops working. One has been pertain to Ms. Chery Pie Picache's mother who was found dead last Friday, September 19,2014 during a storm break inside her home.

It was reported that the ms. Picache found her mother, Mrs. Zenaida Sison, was lying motionless inside of their home  in Sct. Dr. Lascano Street in Barangay Paligsahan, Quezon City. 

The actress' friend, Peter Serrano said that the actress was feeling uneasy when her mother was not answering her calls and decided to go her mother's house. 

As they reached the house, they saw the second gate was open and asked the driver to check upon her mother. There they found her lifeless with multiple stab wounds.

Sison was living alone and well-known throughout the village. Her companions are the three cleaning ladies, who visits her house alternately and a gardener. 

The Police are checking to see if there are any valuable items stolen or missing.

Picache declined to give any statements as of now but will give a official statement in time.

We hope to pray that God may touch the hearts of the criminals to surrender. May God have mercy on their souls. Condolence to the family of Ms. Picache. 

CJ Isit, NCAA Player of the Week

The Mapuan second-year guard CJ Isit was named as the NCAA player of the week. Isit helped the cardinals win three uninterrupted games in the Season 90 of the men's basketball competition. CJ has been called as the main architect of Mapua's late-season pitch. Isit has the standard of 16.6 points, 8 rebounds and even close to 7 assists in their three consecutive wins. This includes the 21 points and 10 assists feat which scored 91-81 fight against Perpetual Help on September 10, 2014, Wednesday. 

Through his hard work which he was called the ACCEL Quantum-3XVI Player of the week by NCAA Press Corps. He is also a humble fellow and a real team player for he stated "I'm just doing whatever I can to help my squad," "Just doing all I can to win and help out my teammates."

Their win was doubled from last year because of their win against the Altas which climb their record to 4-10. Their head coach and also actor, Atoy Co, is very proud of Isit's efforts, for he stated "I'm happy for him. He's finally showing to everyone what he can do,

Even though they have been overthrow from the Final Four contention, Isit considers their winning streaks as something they deserved even after the misfortune they undergone this season. 

Mapu lost to the top teams with the average of only 4 points to San Beda and Arellano. Isit also stated "It was long overdue," "It thought we really deserved it 'cause we've been playing really well.

Radical Love Album

"Music originated from God and created solely for his worship, his glory, and his pleasure." - Pedro Okoro

The most awaited album has been released on August 31,2014. Yes, you're right! Radical Love Album by Victory Music is now out!

The 11 songs recorded by the artists of the Victory Church which consists of Radical Love, Grace Changes Everything, Your Love is Greater, Great God, Faithful, Jesus My Savior, Shine Upon the Philippines, Lord of All, Hope Will Rise, He Who Loved, and lastly, We Will Go. 

Let us support our brothers and sisters in the ministry. Let us share God's wondrous songs throughout everybody. 

Facebook: Victory Worship
Twitter: @Victory_Worship

For those who haven't their album yet, you can always download them at the iTunes store for only $ 9.99! You can also look at the videos in YouTube and subscribed in their page here. The Victory is truly won! 

4 Ways To Get Your Child To Eat Vegetables

Children nowadays can be quite picky. When they see anything that is green on their plate, they instantly know that is vegetables. Children would place the vegetables on the edge of the plate and wouldn't eat it. As parents, we reprimand our child that they would not be allowed to play not unless the plate is clean. RJ is not picky with his veggies, he would anything that is in his plate. (good boy!) This post is for those who are concern for their children's eating habits.

In getting your kid to eat vegetables, you need perseverance and patience with a pinch of creativity. There is no impossible thing you can do just for the sake of your kids.

Difference between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

As we can see below the first iPhone was released in 2007 which was quite small 3.5" to be exact. but this year Apple has announced the newest model for iPhone which is the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus which was introduced on Sept. 9,2014 (Tuesday) by Apple's CEO, Tim Crook. 

iPhone 6 is bigger than it's predecessor, iPhone 5C and the iPhone 6 plus is a phablet-sized phone. Let's spot the difference between these two by looking at their specs and features.

Neil Patrick Harris marries long-time partner David Burtka

How I met your mother actor Neil Patrick Harris has now married his long-time partner of 10 years, chef David Burtka, over a weekend in a secret ceremony on rented castle in Italy. The 41 year old actor and his partner confirmed the wedding via social media networking sites.

Google Doodle: Leo Tolstoy's 186th Birthday

Google commemorates the 186th birthday of Leo Tolstoy. For those who are don't know who Leo Tolstoy is, he was a Russian writer, philosopher and political thinker. He was also known as a master of realistic fiction and created two of the best known novels created. These novels were War and Peace, which he created in 1869 and Anna Karenina in 1877.

Signature of Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy was born as Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy on Sept. 9 1828 in Yasnaya Polyana, Russian Empire. At the age of 34, he married Sophia Tolstaya whom he had 14 children. He died on November 20,1910 at age of 82 the cause of death is pneumonia.

Google doodle shows a slideshow of his notable works. Which starts by Leo Tolstoy writing in his desk with a candlelight. The next two slides were scenes from his first notable epic work The "War and Peace"

Scenes from another notable novel is from "Anna Karenina" which is shown in the next slide below.

The last novel scenes from "The Death of Ivan Ilyich" was shown in the 6th and 7th slide below.

The last slide is Leo himself and in the background like a forest which looks like his grave site at Yasnaya Polyana.

Google amazes me in their creative ways to celebrate one of the greatest novelist known in history. 

angelo millena

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My Small Birthday Celebration

Birthdays are the anniversary of your birth. I wasn't sure if I am going to have any celebration this year because of problems regarding with my family but anyways I would like to share that a birthday doesn't need a fancy cake or gift to be happy.

Due to limited budget, We celebrated my birthday on Mcdo :) it wasn't as fancy as going on a restaurant or anything. We ordered the BFF burger bundles which consists of three burger of your choice, 3 regular drinks and a 2 large fries combine into one (for those who don't know what BFF bundle is). Since it's my birthday I got to choose the burgers, I picked out: Quarter Pounder, Mcdouble Burger and McDouble Deluxe. 

I ate the Quarter Pounder and My hubby ate the Mcdouble Burger but for the McDouble Deluxe we decide to share it together. After saying grace, we ate our meal. This birthday doesn't consist of any birthday cake, no gifts, no fancy thing actually but this has to be the best birthday I celebrate together with God's grace and the man God gave me :)

Billy Crawford Arrested at Taguig Police Station

After the incident of Vhong Navarro in Taguig and now it's Billy Crawford's turn to be arrested after barging into a police station in Taguig City on a Sunday Morning. The "It's Showtime" host was demanding that he need to be detained for still unidentified reason.

Later that afternoon, he undergone an interview with reporters apologizing for his odd behavior. He also confessed that he was drunk when he barged into the police station and requested for the police to hold him under control for he is stressed enough. 

Three Major Things That Can Ruin A Relationship

It is true what they say that there are no perfect things in our lives. Even in marriage nowadays can be classified in this category of no perfect things. Right now, it is very common for couples to live-in together because so they would know the each other much better. This happens because of the rapid growing of broken marriages, abusive relationships and many more. There are things that ruin a relationship but I'll just only give the major things.

The Three things that can ruin one's relationship:

1. Money

Trouble in finance is no. 1 in any list you see. They get to be angry if one's needs or the family's need doesn't meet. Sometimes, you will have unforeseen expenses which some of us are not ready about it. Like for example, emergency for any family member or calamity is also one reason. One also a reason that falls into the money category is financial insecurity. Money should not be an issue for the two of you. You should talked it out on what you need you to do calmly nothing will solved by arguing.

2. Insensitivity

Insensitivity is very common in every relationship especially when you are married. When you get home you ignore each other because of exhaustion and wanted just to relax but sometimes your partner would want you to be tender (If you are living in together).
When you are ignored and your partner is too work up on something to notice, you will get angry and thus the argument would start. Both of you need to be sensitive in your partner's need and wants. Even if it just a little thing sometimes when you go home you want a loving welcome coming from your partner.

3. Word War

Never ever start a word war. For those who doesn't know what a word war is. It is exchanging of words like blaming their faults or how mediocre your partner is. Don't criticize your partner for their imperfections or their flaws and ever bring out the past especially when your partner is recuperating. Words are hard to take back, once you blurred it out so just take a deep breathe choose your words carefully don't let your emotions take the best of you.

If an argument is about to start, just be calm and pray to God for self control for both of you and a clear understanding of each other. Let God be the center of your lives and don't forget it.

Gilas Pilipinas won over Senegal via Overtime!

For first time in about 40 years, the Philippines had their first win on world stage. Gilas Pilas through overtime game had won against the Senegal with 81-79 score.

Gilas Pilipinas may ended their bid in the 2014 FIBA World cup but they ended it leaving positive review and respect for the world to see.

For his final international game, Jimmy Alapag contributed a huge splash on the score board. He scored 18 points and dipping critical free throws in the overtime period which made the Filipinos raised their heads high after the exhilarating fight on Thursday night in Seville, Spain

Without Andray Blatche, who got fouled out during the period after scoring most time during the game with 18 points and 14 rebounds, Gilas went on with Senegal during the over time period. The Filipinos were threatened by the Senegalese players with key baskets from Mouhammad Faye, who scored for his the Senegal with 20 points.

LA Tenorio, Paul Lee and Japeth Aguilar supported June Mar Fajardo in a breakout game with the 15 markers to stimulate the minds of the Filipinos. 

Gilas Pilipinas ended it's World Cup Game with the score record of 1-4, which dropped close decisions to Croatia, Argentina and Puerto Rico. Their win over Senegal the Philippines first ever since beating the Central African Republic with a score of  87-86 in 1974. Since then Filipinos have gone 11-game losing slide.

But because of their win against Senegal, Filipinos has shown their true power. It may take a long time for others to realize it but we, Filipinos showed our best we can do! 
Hooray for Gilas! Congratulations! You make the Filipinos proud!

Top 5 remedies for Teething

For newbie mommies, there are things you should be ready about your babies. For one example is when your baby is during his 4th to 10th months, this is where the stage of teething starts.

What is teething? when your baby's tooth is now popping out of it's gums. During RJ's first months I didn't know what to do, He was crying so hard and I thought he was hungry. So I gave him some milk but he didn't drink it. 

He began to have diarrhea at that time and always biting his fingers (some babies tend to have fevers when they are teething). We took him to the doctor because we were worried. The doctor said it just normal and he was just teething. She prescribed some medicine and gave me some remedies I can do to soothe his teething. 

RJ on his teething stage :)

Mark Gil dies of cancer

Yes it true! The veteran actor that we all know and love, Mark Gil, has died at the age of 52 supposedly 53. He was going to celebrate his 53th birthday on September 25. The last time we all saw the veteran actor was on "The Legal Wife" which he co-work with Ms. Angel Locsin in the ABS-CBN. 

He leaves his 6 children behind (Gabby Eigenmann, Timmy Eigenmann (Sid Lucero), Andi Eigenmann, Maxine Eigenmann, Ira Eigenmann, and Stevie Eigenmann.) and also his wife, Maricar Jacinto-Eigenmann. 

A statement from the Eigenmann family says that in 2012, the actor was diagnosed with liver cancer. It was also confirmed that the illness is terminal in June 2014. The family have the actor's body cremated instead be bury on a casket.

Mark Gil's death was confirmed and announced through a private message on Facebook to Rappler by Perry Lansigan, the Gabby Eigenmann's manager. It is said that Mark Gil died on Sept. 1,2014 at 8 'o clock in the morning which was confirmed by the actor's manager, June Rufino. 

His siblings who are also active in the showbiz are Michael de Mesa and Cherie Gil. 

Gabby manager's also stated that the family requested privacy to grieve the actor's death as of the moment.

His Star Colleagues express deep sadness through their social media accounts. 

Mark Gil during his younger days

Gabe Norwood's Dunk Vs. Argentina Luis Scola

Gilas Pilipinas may have lost the game to Crotia by 3 points and now to Argentina by 4 points but there is one moment that said to be the best dunk of the FIBA World Cup so far.

The player was from our homeland, Gabe Norwood. He is the Rain or Shine Elasto Painter forward of Gilas Pilipinas. His opponent was Argetina's Indiana Pacer veteran, Luis Scola. 
Norwood and his team are in the middle of a half run of the first quarter. He got hold of the ball and charged towards the ring with the Argentinian player. 

Norwood decisive to charged towards Scola, instead of going around him, makes one of the most exhilarating moments of the tournament and thus scoring 12-19 with a 7 point lead for the Philippines.

BER months are here!

It's the first day of the September! you know what that means? It's the start of the "BER" Months. 

We know this is the true start of Christmas season. This is also the season mothers such as myself get ready to go shopping for gifts, decorations and also for foods needed to be prepare for the Noche Buenas. 

When it comes to Christmas, admit it, we are total spenders. There are also ways you can be ready and save more.

Here are some tips:

1. List down the necessary:

List down the things you needed like travel cost if you are alone and wanted to travel during the holidays. or how about the decorations you want for a party or you house. Set them apart by categories so you won't get confused. Budget is key to saving more of your money. You just have to learn to discipline yourself with money.

2. Create a gift list:

    List the people you want to give a gift to. Of course, family is your number one on you list the rest are you friends and a very special someone. You won't need to give them such a expensive gift to know how special they are for you. Give them something significant that would let them remind of you :) Sample: Office mates you can give them flower pot note clippers it's not expensive but it's just the thing they need for the office.