Banzai: The Japanese Buffet Haven!

"You can't buy HAPPINESS, but you can SUSHI which is kinda like the same thing. :)"

I was invited for my first blog event by +Zomato for their #foodiemeetup event last Saturday on Banzai: The Great Teppanyaki Theater. For somebody who loves Japanese food, I immediately accepted the invite. I went together with my fellow blogger and friend who also got invited on the event.

Trivia: Banzai [万歳] t means "Hurray!" or "Long live" in Japanese. This is usually repeated at least three times which expresses excitement, happiness, celebration, and many more during drinking parties. (Sorry for the blurry pictures!)

In Front of Banzai: The Great Teppamyaki Theater

When we got there, the staff will immediately greet you "Irrashaimase" which means welcome. As you step inside you could see the setting is as if you walk straight to Japan. 

This is the Buffet Area which also they call CASTLE

This is where the dessert area and katsu area.

Before we start digging to our heart's content, we first introduced ourselves to the other bloggers and to the event coordinators. We were also told we will be given a small tour of the place which was preceded by Ms. Leah Estrada who was the brand manager for Banzai. (I didn't get to take her picture. ;( 

We were taken first to the Trickart Gallery, which you can have insert yourself into the art using mirrors and funny costumes but I didn't get to try the costume though!

Me stopping the sumo wrestler (lolz!)

Somebody help! hahah

Because it's the weekend, we were given the privilege of having to see the Teppanyaki Performance by the chefs of Banzai. It is really entertaining and we really enjoyed it. You can see the video below (sorry for the poor resolution of my camera)

Teppanyaki Performance (Part 1)

Teppanyaki Performance (Part 2)

There is also a traditional traditional Koto music performance that goes again during weekends only!

After the tour, we started to pick out dishes that we would like to try. As a seafood lover, I tried tempura, sashimi, bacon kani, broccoli with orange valley dressing (this is sweet!) and also takoyaki! 

Takoyaki Station! 


Next on my list was the Okonomiyaki dishes which I chose both bacon and Squid. It became now one of my favorite dishes. I also took Katsu, Chicken Karaage and Chicken Teppan (It's very tender and juicy! Truly a delectable dish) I also grab another sushi, Tamago Sushi and another Bacon Kani. 

Simply delicious!

During these times, we had a short game, a Q&A game all about #Zomato and #Banzai! It was fun all of us won P 500 certificate for John and Yoko! (This will be next on my food list ^.^)

After the game, we got ourselves desserts! I have a sweet tooth so what I got is ice cream and some mini cakes! I wanted to try the shaved ice maybe next time.

Sorry for the look of the Ice Cream I chose Chocolate and Mango Flavor!

Dishes you would want to try out:

Seafood Platter and Salads 

Teppan Dishes and Kani Dishes

Takoyaki and Sushi

Tempura and Katsudon

Fried Rice

After eating, we got to talk about our blogs with other bloggers. At the end of the day, It was really enjoyable and fun. We also got a lot of goodies from +ZomatoThank you again #Zomato! Let's meet again for another #foodiemeetup! BANZAI!


Restaurant address: Banzai: The Great Teppanyaki Theater
Bldg. J, SM By The Bay Leisure Park, Seaside Boulevard, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City
For Inquiries and Reservations: 0916-3775357 0999-4713597 552-7368. You can also check out their FB page and their Instagram:

FB: BanzaiPH
Instagram: banzai_ph


  1. how much does it cost? (per person)

    1. Because it's the weekend P 1088 per person. you can check it out here:

    2. a bit pricey, I'd rather go with Yabu or Ramen Nagi

  2. the samurai trick art is so cute and the food looked all yummy! it sure is a good restaurant to try. :)

  3. I love the ambiance of the restaurant plus ang kulit nung sa my sumo and ninja. I am really hoping to join Zomato foodie meet up soon. Thanks for sharing!

  4. they are a bit pricey... puro eat all you can lang din ba sila?

  5. I haven't tried this one yet, but will definitely check this place! Ty for sharing!

  6. What a cool looking place! Ang daming gimmick. I'm not very fond of Japanese food but I'm drooling at the photos.

  7. I love Japanese food!!! :) Also like how they have the Trickart Gallery! It makes it extra fun to be there. :)

  8. It was great meeting you and it was a fun day! I really enjoyed the food and company. Hope to see you again soon!

    1. You too mommy! sabi ko nga kay ranne balik tayo get together lang ulit haha if ever :)

  9. I love Banzai!!! I love the food and the atmosphere as well.

  10. Since my tummy cannot tolerate anything raw, I would go for the desserts!

  11. Love your funny photos and videos! We love Japanese and maybe when we get to go to MOA, we'll check this place.

  12. OMG! Japanese food! I should try it next time I go to SM MOA. Thanks for sharing! :)

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  13. I haven't tried Banzai, but it looked like you enjoyed your experience. Will visit soon :)


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