Billy Crawford Arrested at Taguig Police Station

After the incident of Vhong Navarro in Taguig and now it's Billy Crawford's turn to be arrested after barging into a police station in Taguig City on a Sunday Morning. The "It's Showtime" host was demanding that he need to be detained for still unidentified reason.

Later that afternoon, he undergone an interview with reporters apologizing for his odd behavior. He also confessed that he was drunk when he barged into the police station and requested for the police to hold him under control for he is stressed enough. 

Insp. Jonathan Aribe, commander of the Police Community Precinct (PCP) 7 at Bonifacio Global City, stated during a phone interview that at some point, the glass door was broken due to Crawford slamming his body against it. This behavior resulted having filed charges of malicious mischief, direct assault, resisting arrest and disobedience to authority against the TV host hours later. However, Ernest Buenviaje, the TV host’s legal counsel, denied it and told reporters that "no charges were being filed just yet".

Aribe also stated that Crawford was obviously drunk when he barged in at the police station. 
“He wanted to be imprisoned and during that time, only two policewomen were there,” Aribe said. The police women were olice Officers 1 Jasmin Sipagan and Rodelma Canao because the other police officers were responding out on a call for help. When asked by the policewomen why Crawford wanted to be detained, he shouted, “Wala na kayo dun [That’s none of your business]!” the police official said. At that right moment, Crawford started slamming himself against the glass door which the policewomen try to pin hoim down.
“But the more you restrained him, the more he resisted and he pushed and elbowed the policewomen,” Aribe said, adding that as the result,  the glass door was shattered. One of the policewomen called other law enforcers for backup, they arrived 5 minutes after and handcuffed the TV host.

Billy Crawford was taken to the Philippine National Police headquarters in Camp Crame ,where he undergone a medical checkup and was supposedly go through a drug and alcohol test also at the Crime Laboratory. Since, he was not arrested for a drug offense, he didn't gone for a test for illegal substances which includes alcohol. 

Crawford apologized for the incident through an interview. He also stated he doesn't hide any feelings whenever he is angry or upset. He also explained why he went to the police station to be in a controlled environment because he was stressed out by assured situations. One thing is for sure the TV host learned to "
“maybe lessen the alcohol and act like a grown up.” 

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  1. Violators should really learn their lessons no matter who they are. I am not happy that he got arrested but I'm proud of these policemen.


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