CJ Isit, NCAA Player of the Week

The Mapuan second-year guard CJ Isit was named as the NCAA player of the week. Isit helped the cardinals win three uninterrupted games in the Season 90 of the men's basketball competition. CJ has been called as the main architect of Mapua's late-season pitch. Isit has the standard of 16.6 points, 8 rebounds and even close to 7 assists in their three consecutive wins. This includes the 21 points and 10 assists feat which scored 91-81 fight against Perpetual Help on September 10, 2014, Wednesday. 

Through his hard work which he was called the ACCEL Quantum-3XVI Player of the week by NCAA Press Corps. He is also a humble fellow and a real team player for he stated "I'm just doing whatever I can to help my squad," "Just doing all I can to win and help out my teammates."

Their win was doubled from last year because of their win against the Altas which climb their record to 4-10. Their head coach and also actor, Atoy Co, is very proud of Isit's efforts, for he stated "I'm happy for him. He's finally showing to everyone what he can do,

Even though they have been overthrow from the Final Four contention, Isit considers their winning streaks as something they deserved even after the misfortune they undergone this season. 

Mapu lost to the top teams with the average of only 4 points to San Beda and Arellano. Isit also stated "It was long overdue," "It thought we really deserved it 'cause we've been playing really well.

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