Gabe Norwood's Dunk Vs. Argentina Luis Scola

Gilas Pilipinas may have lost the game to Crotia by 3 points and now to Argentina by 4 points but there is one moment that said to be the best dunk of the FIBA World Cup so far.

The player was from our homeland, Gabe Norwood. He is the Rain or Shine Elasto Painter forward of Gilas Pilipinas. His opponent was Argetina's Indiana Pacer veteran, Luis Scola. 
Norwood and his team are in the middle of a half run of the first quarter. He got hold of the ball and charged towards the ring with the Argentinian player. 

Norwood decisive to charged towards Scola, instead of going around him, makes one of the most exhilarating moments of the tournament and thus scoring 12-19 with a 7 point lead for the Philippines.

In the end, Argentina came out victorious with 85-81 reducing the Gilas Pilipinas to an 0-3 score in the tournament. But the dunk Norwood made is the proof enough that the team "play until the end" even if this is their first World Cup appearance in 36 years. 

We may not won the Gold or any medal but we proof what we Filipinos can do.

Congratulations Gilas! A great play until the end!

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  1. I am a Gilas fan too, win or lose their effort and determination is admirable.


Thank you for the comment :)