Google Doodle: Leo Tolstoy's 186th Birthday

Google commemorates the 186th birthday of Leo Tolstoy. For those who are don't know who Leo Tolstoy is, he was a Russian writer, philosopher and political thinker. He was also known as a master of realistic fiction and created two of the best known novels created. These novels were War and Peace, which he created in 1869 and Anna Karenina in 1877.

Signature of Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy was born as Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy on Sept. 9 1828 in Yasnaya Polyana, Russian Empire. At the age of 34, he married Sophia Tolstaya whom he had 14 children. He died on November 20,1910 at age of 82 the cause of death is pneumonia.

Google doodle shows a slideshow of his notable works. Which starts by Leo Tolstoy writing in his desk with a candlelight. The next two slides were scenes from his first notable epic work The "War and Peace"

Scenes from another notable novel is from "Anna Karenina" which is shown in the next slide below.

The last novel scenes from "The Death of Ivan Ilyich" was shown in the 6th and 7th slide below.

The last slide is Leo himself and in the background like a forest which looks like his grave site at Yasnaya Polyana.

Google amazes me in their creative ways to celebrate one of the greatest novelist known in history. 

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