My Small Birthday Celebration

Birthdays are the anniversary of your birth. I wasn't sure if I am going to have any celebration this year because of problems regarding with my family but anyways I would like to share that a birthday doesn't need a fancy cake or gift to be happy.

Due to limited budget, We celebrated my birthday on Mcdo :) it wasn't as fancy as going on a restaurant or anything. We ordered the BFF burger bundles which consists of three burger of your choice, 3 regular drinks and a 2 large fries combine into one (for those who don't know what BFF bundle is). Since it's my birthday I got to choose the burgers, I picked out: Quarter Pounder, Mcdouble Burger and McDouble Deluxe. 

I ate the Quarter Pounder and My hubby ate the Mcdouble Burger but for the McDouble Deluxe we decide to share it together. After saying grace, we ate our meal. This birthday doesn't consist of any birthday cake, no gifts, no fancy thing actually but this has to be the best birthday I celebrate together with God's grace and the man God gave me :)


Thank you for the comment :)