Top 5 remedies for Teething

For newbie mommies, there are things you should be ready about your babies. For one example is when your baby is during his 4th to 10th months, this is where the stage of teething starts.

What is teething? when your baby's tooth is now popping out of it's gums. During RJ's first months I didn't know what to do, He was crying so hard and I thought he was hungry. So I gave him some milk but he didn't drink it. 

He began to have diarrhea at that time and always biting his fingers (some babies tend to have fevers when they are teething). We took him to the doctor because we were worried. The doctor said it just normal and he was just teething. She prescribed some medicine and gave me some remedies I can do to soothe his teething. 

RJ on his teething stage :)

Here are 5 remedies:

1. Damp Washcloth and Rub

In others, they put the washcloth into the refrigerator. Before you take it out, wash your hands first. The cool washcloth or damp cloth will have a numbing effect on them. Put a light pressure on the baby's gum when you rub it this will ease the baby's uneasiness. Babies needs the pressure for distraction, they will no longer feel the pain and they will focus on the washcloth in their mouths. My son was laughing when I rubbed his gums with a washcloth :) 

2. Pacifier or Teething Rings

Babies tend to bite their fingers but we don't know if their hands are clean. When my son was teething so hard, I bought him a teething ring and also a pacifier but he prefers his pacifier more than his teething rings. 

3. Warm Bath

A warm bath helps calm your baby. This will take his mind off the pain and focus more on the water. During teething period, I gave my son warm baths and he tends to play a lot that he refuses to get out of the bath (laughs!)

4. Soft Foods

Soft refrigerated foods always help for my son. Not only does it give a numbing outcome but also it's good for their nutrition. He likes bananas so I tend to mashed them and refrigerated them. You can also try potatoes or carrots which ever your baby would like :)

5. Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen 

If none of the medical remedies work, then you can always try Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen (Make sure it is prescribed by the doctor first). I gave my son Tylenol when he is in too much pain and he likes it because of the cherry flavor :)

He's now 1 year and 11 months old. He's really into biting these days. :)


  1. Teething must be a tough stage for our babies!!! I tried Orajel Teething gel for kids on my kid which worked great!:)

  2. I did #1 and used chilled fruits in a mesh for baby to munch on. I tried a teething gel for some time but cannot remember the brand

  3. My daughter is 7 months old but still no teeth at all. Naeexcite na nga kong makita kahit 1 lang eh. My only problem is ayaw nya ng pacifier since di ko sya sinanay gumamit nun. (100% breastfeeding)

  4. I remember using those teething toys that you put in the fridge when my daughter was teething..

  5. Naalala ko mga kids ko parang hindi nila nainda ang teething. :) Thank you for sharing this sis :) you can do it RJ :)

  6. I remember when my baby brother bit me when he was teething almost 2 decades ago. Que horror! :D It really hurt a lot. So when my baby started teething, we did #1 and #2. We usually put the teether in the fridge.

  7. I was about to recommend a frozen banana when I saw your 4th tip. However, I find that a whole cold banana works better; try it! By the way, my toddler never fussed at all during the times he was teething. I don't know why!

  8. I tried the damp washcloth with my son before and he hated it, haha! What worked for us was refrigerating his gel teethers.

  9. Very helpful post! My daughter's pedia recommended Xylogel, it's a gel specially made for teething babes, and it's very effective too ;)

  10. The baby's 6 months already. It looked like she's having itchy gums na. This tips are perfect!

  11. I did numbers 1 and 4. Nice tips for moms who have teething babies! :)

  12. Yeah, they bite because teething is supposedly itchy on the gums,heehee. I've had 3 little boys go through that. Kaka miss magka baby!

  13. I remember my daughter having mild fever when she was teething..

  14. It's not a nice phase to go through haha. My youngest always had something in his mouth during those times so we really had to watch out what he puts in his mouth. I found that the cold teethers work great. Great tips! :)


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