Verdon Ne Silky Review

My hair is a disaster area especially when I comb it, it becomes tangled all over. I don't like trying products I don't know because it might more damage to my hair. At first, I thought it was the shampoo's fault or the conditioner so I can it my shampoo frequently but the result is always the same. When I had enough of my tangled hair, I decided to take the risk and try my friend's recommendation on this product.

The name of the product is Verdon Ne Silky, hair spa treatment conditioner. I chose the papaya juices extract. It doesn't really smell like papayas or anything but it does give off nice sweet smell. When I tried my hair you can immediately feel your hair turning smooth. After my bath, My hair doesn't tangled anymore when I tried to comb it. (finally!)

My soon-to-be hubby likes it also he can comb my hair with his hand and it doesn't tangled. It is also very cheap, it only cost me Php 250 for 1000 ml in malls or stores you can get this product for 500+ above. There are also other kinds like Milk extract and also Pomegranate for those who have hair color. (I will upload the result pictures soon :))

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