Google Doodle: Halloween Doodles

Tonight is the night of Halloween. The time where kids enjoy a day of trick or treating with lots of games and parties hosted through their communities.

Google has shown us their own way to celebrate Halloween with their Google Doodle. Google doodle gives six different animated doodles that screams Halloween!

Zombies have their own way to celebrate Halloween

This witch will bring conjure up different spells just for you. Which one would like? Ghosts or Bats?

Top Five Philippine Mythical Creatures

Halloween, the much-awaited occasion for any kiddies out there. This is the time to go out and do some Trick-or-Treating but for some cultures or countries they don't have this traditional. In the Philippines, this is the time of Semestral Break, which is one week off from school for the students. This is the time we would go to cemeteries to visit our loved ones and do some cleaning on their tombs. 

This is also the time when they say that creatures lurks around at night time and where all the creatures are at their strongest that's why we were told by our parents to never go out at Nov. 1 to Nov. 2. My family is very religious and traditional; we would always go to the cemetery every year for visiting our ancestors. During this time also, me and my cousins would always talked about these creatures and which ones are the most popular.

Top five remedies for Mumps

Have you noticed the part of your children's neck or face became swollen red? Has he have a fever all of a sudden because of the bump on their necks? Then it must be the mumps!

For those who don't know what mumps are, it is a disease usually contagious or infectious to children. If you haven't gotten this during your childhood, there is a possibility you can have it now or in the future. Mumps during adulthood can cause more serious complications such as the following:
  • Pregnant women who have mumps can be have a risk for miscarriage.
  • High Risk of sterility for Male adults.
  • Meningitis - which is the swelling of the membranes for your spinal cord and brain.
  • Encephalitis - this is the inflammation of the brain 
  • Pancreatitis - inflammation of the pancreas however this is only temporary.
  • Permanent Hearing Loss 
You can prevent mumps in your children through vaccination which needed of two doses. Infants or toddlers received their first MMR (Mumps, measles, rubella) vaccination during their 12th -15th month age. The second does can be given during their 4 to 6 years of age.

Banapple at Robinson's Galleria

Sunday, it is the God's day! After an hour of praising and worshiping God, we decided to eat out for dinner. We all agreed to go to Robinson's Galleria for dinner and do some window shopping for there is a sale there from Oct. 15-19, 2014. 

I have been invited on Banapple by church mate many times but due to budget, I always turn down the invite. But this time, we decided to have dinner at Banapple, which is newly opened on Robinson's Galleria.

Hiyas: The Modern Filipino Comfort Food

I got invited by +Zomato again for another #FoodieMeetUp. This time it is newly open restaurant within the heart of Kapitolyo just beside Greekah Kouzina and Avi restaurant.

For those who don't know what +Zomato is. It is an online and mobile food search site where you can search over different restaurants whether here in the Philippines or in other countries. It gives out everything you want to learn about the desired restaurant you want to go to such as address, menu, maps, directions, and etc. You can also do a review and rate of the restaurant.  

The newly opened restaurant is Hiyas: The Modern Filipino Comfort Food Restaurant. #Hiyas was owned by Mr. Francis Maneja together with his classmate Chef Emir Bernabe. This is the latest "baby" of the Mr. Francis Maneja; he is only 24 years old and he owned 2 other restaurant which is FOM's sizzling and grill in San Rafael and also FOM's goto tapa pares. 

Chef Emir Bernabe

(from left to right)  Mr. Francis Maneja and Chef Emir Bernabe

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

(Sorry for the Blurry Pictures! It was night time already!)

After work, we decided to go to try Kanto Freestyle Breakfast in Kapitolyo, Pasig. It was recommended by one of my office mates, who is a regular of the place.

The place was simple yet like a canteen but with a touch of homey feeling. Maybe for others, they might pass by this place as if it were just a canteen house but I assured you it is a restaurant. As I saw the menu, I wasn't really sure what would I choose to eat. Because all items in the menus sounds appetizing enough.

Bacon and Eggs (Php 99)

Chicken Longganisa (Php 95)