Google Doodle: Halloween Doodles

Tonight is the night of Halloween. The time where kids enjoy a day of trick or treating with lots of games and parties hosted through their communities.

Google has shown us their own way to celebrate Halloween with their Google Doodle. Google doodle gives six different animated doodles that screams Halloween!

Zombies have their own way to celebrate Halloween

This witch will bring conjure up different spells just for you. Which one would like? Ghosts or Bats?

Scarecrow! oops! This one is friendly just wishing you a Happy Halloween!

They are happy pumpkins excited for Halloween!

This Ghost is special scaring everyone that may encounter it...

.. But when it comes to this doggy, it is very afraid!

Letter O may seem harmless during the day....
.. But at night it turns into a vicious Werewolf that scares the other letters.

Google never seems to fail to amaze me. You can enjoy looking for this cute animated doodles when you try searching it.  Happy Halloween to all! :)