Top Five Philippine Mythical Creatures

Halloween, the much-awaited occasion for any kiddies out there. This is the time to go out and do some Trick-or-Treating but for some cultures or countries they don't have this traditional. In the Philippines, this is the time of Semestral Break, which is one week off from school for the students. This is the time we would go to cemeteries to visit our loved ones and do some cleaning on their tombs. 

This is also the time when they say that creatures lurks around at night time and where all the creatures are at their strongest that's why we were told by our parents to never go out at Nov. 1 to Nov. 2. My family is very religious and traditional; we would always go to the cemetery every year for visiting our ancestors. During this time also, me and my cousins would always talked about these creatures and which ones are the most popular.

Top Five of Philippine Mythical Creatures:

1. Aswang 

   This is the most famous and feared creature that roamed throughout the country especially throughout the provinces. They are seen mostly in the Visayas regions like Capiz, Iloilo, Negros, Bohol, Masbate, Aklan, Antique and Siquijor. They are skillful shape-shifters. They can appear to be a normal human wandering around the area but their houses are somewhat secluded from others. But during the night, they can change into any animal such as a dog and wild boar. When you see a black boar at night along the road, then you may want to run for your life. Their appetite is consists of infants and human entrails but their most favorite to feast on is fetuses inside the mother's womb. You can ward off aswangs by garlic, salt and holy water.

2. Kapre

    This is the giants of the Philippines. They can be described as 7 to 9 ft tall, wearing only loincloth or "bahag" and always smoking cigar. They are mostly seen living on big trees such as Mangoes, Acacias, and the infamous Balete trees. These creatures don't harm or eat any humans but they will scare you if you disturb by being in their territory. They have this magical white stone like the size of a quail egg. If you find it, the Kapre can grant you any wishes you like. 

3. Duwende 

    The anthill may seems nothing more but be careful for there is a creature living there. They are called duwendes. They are said to be the dwarf-like creature of the anthill. They are usually harmless and like to play with little children. They are seen as old man with long beard, pointed ears and chins. These creatures can be categories into two types: white and black. The white duwendes are the good ones, who would be friendly and help you in any way possible. In return, you should give offerings such as food or drink or protect their home. The black ones are the bad or the one who causes destruction to your home. These also are the territorials ones, who you need to say "Tabi Tabi po" for them not to curse you. You know you are cursed by one when you experience unusual diseases like Swelling or pain on any part of the body, Vomiting of blood, Urinating black liquid and Excessive hair growth on the back. So the only way to cure the curse is apologize and give them some offerings.

4. Tikbalang

    These creatures has the head of a horse and the body of a man. They are mischievous creature who likes the leading travelers astray. Their main prey is women, when they like a women. The creature will woo her until she gave in or until she becomes sick. Sometimes, you will need the assistance of a Albularyo or Healer to make the creature go away. You can also tame this said creature by the means of getting three of the thickest or golden hairs on their mane. This will make the Tikbalang your eternal slave.

5. Tiyanak

    The unwanted one or changeling. This creature takes form of a child that was left in the forest. They cry to lure unsuspected preys into the forest. They change form and attacks the person when it is most vulnerable. They can be also ward off with garlic, salt, rosary and Holy Water.

Even if these creatures exist or not, just remember that there is no powerful one besides God. Believe in him, accept him as your Lord and Savior and you will be forever saved. 

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