Top five remedies for Mumps

Have you noticed the part of your children's neck or face became swollen red? Has he have a fever all of a sudden because of the bump on their necks? Then it must be the mumps!

For those who don't know what mumps are, it is a disease usually contagious or infectious to children. If you haven't gotten this during your childhood, there is a possibility you can have it now or in the future. Mumps during adulthood can cause more serious complications such as the following:
  • Pregnant women who have mumps can be have a risk for miscarriage.
  • High Risk of sterility for Male adults.
  • Meningitis - which is the swelling of the membranes for your spinal cord and brain.
  • Encephalitis - this is the inflammation of the brain 
  • Pancreatitis - inflammation of the pancreas however this is only temporary.
  • Permanent Hearing Loss 
You can prevent mumps in your children through vaccination which needed of two doses. Infants or toddlers received their first MMR (Mumps, measles, rubella) vaccination during their 12th -15th month age. The second does can be given during their 4 to 6 years of age.

There is no exact medicine for mumps but there are some remedies you can do to help your friends and family when they have this disease. 

Here are my five tips:

1. Drink Fluids always.

    In some cases, mumps can accompanied by vomiting that may cause dehydration. You can also try fruit juices such as carrot juices and pineapple juice which is also good for the heart and eyes.

2. Quarantine in the bed.

    Naps or long rest will be needed as much as possible this will be a great help in getting your strength back. Mumps are also accompanied by a fever which is you also need to take care of. 

3. Apply hot compressed or warm damp towels

    Put the hot compressed or warm damp towels to infected or swollen area. This may reduce the feeling of discomfort especially when you are sleeping. 

4. Pain Killers

    Paracetamol or Ibuprofen can help you ease the pain of the swollen area and also may help reduce your fever.

5. Eat soft texture foods

   For solid foods would be hard when chewing due to the mumps so better stick to soft texture foods. This can be oatmeals, mashed bananas, mashed potatoes, porridge and fruits like bananas.

In just 4-5 days, you can be cure of the mumps in time. Just take plenty of rest and hope this tip can also help you.