The 36 Days of Christmas with Buqo

Christmas is almost here. This is the time of exchanging gift, Noche Buena, Christmas parties, and Aguinaldo. This is also the season of giveaways, contest and promotions. This year, Buqo, the online bookstore that focuses Filipino magazines and books, is marking their first Christmas with a big-hearted giveaway. Buqo wanted you to re-experience the feeling of anticipating and looking your gift under the Christmas tree through their app.

Do you know the song "12 days of Christmas"? Every day there is a gift and every gift is unique. But for Buqo, instead of the traditional 12 days, they will be giving away digitally for 36 days because for them, 12 days just isn’t enough.

Date at David's Tea House

I won 600 worth of GC for David's Tea House on a #foodiemeetup game by +Zomato at Hiyas, Kapitolyo. My dhie and I decided to use to the GCs to have a dinner date after work and I haven't had Chinese food in months.  We went to David's Tea House A. Venue branch which is in Makati City.

Be Creative Means Be Inspired

Artist find inspiration from all over the place. Sometimes, it can be a bit hard to feel inspired. You just need a jolt of inspiration to get you back into the drawing and painting game. Here are some idea to get your juices going again.

1. Look at things up close and personal

Do you focus on the big picture a lot? How about challenging yourself to go the other way. The little things in life can be fascinating and bring out a boat load of inspiration. A lot of artists look at nature for inspiration. Go outside and be prepared to get dirty. Don't just look at flowers from a distance. What is the smallest feature you can find on a flower? What does the texture of the petals look like? Zoom in like a microscope and go crazy. Look at your cat's fur with new eyes as you look at each individual piece of fur on their face. The world looks completely different when you zoom in and act as if you are an ant. Think of how much bigger the world gets when you look at how small the world gets!

2. Try something new

Top 5 Flavors for Aromatherapy

While everyone has their favorite aromatherapy flavors, certain ones are certainly more popular. This is usually due to their characteristics and what they are good for. Here we will look at the top five essential oil scents that are used in aromatherapy. All five oils are remarkably versatile and can be used in a number of ways. When mixed with carrier oils for massage, they have even more benefits, though we will be looking at the benefits of scents here.

Three Christmas Gifts Ideas for HER

There is only 43 days until Christmas. If my post regarding Five Christmas Gifts Tips for him helped you find the perfect Christmas gift for him. I would also like to give you some gift tips for her also on things a girl would want to have for Christmas. In gift giving, a girl is very different, they want to be feel loved all the time. But when it comes to Christmas, they really want to feel more special and more loved than the usual. 

Five Christmas Gifts Ideas for HIM

Only 46 days left until Christmas. Have you done your Christmas shopping? If you haven't done your Christmas shopping yet. Might as well create the list of people you want give a gift. Family and Friends do go first in your Christmas shopping list because these people will never judge no matter what gifts you them. It can be a simple party for your family or baked your friends some Christmas cookies or it can be a simple dinner outside together with both your friends and family (your treat, of course!)

But there is a special someone in your life that you want to give a unique gift. It can be your boyfriend, husband or even your special best friend. It is so hard to find the perfect gift for these people right? I'll give you some tips for a Christmas gift ideas for these people.

Minions are Filipinos?

They are back! The gibberish talker of the Despicable Me movies are now back with the movie of their very own!

Yes, the minion's did make us laugh for the first and second movie, but this time it's the Minion will be the main protagonist.

Let's recall that last year video of the minions speaking the language. In this 48-second video, you could clearly hear them say "narito na" which means It's here and "ikot" which means spin around. A short but funny video that went viral to all Netizens last year. 

Philippine Airlines Domestic Promo

Are you planning a romantic getaway this upcoming Christmas? Traveling for Christmas is quite hard especially here in the Philippines. International flights will just make your pocket empty, why not experience traveling domestically? 

Have a romantic white Christmas at the beach with your special some one. or experience the different ways how they celebrate festivities in their home town. 

Travel to the beautiful scenery in Luzon with Style

Whether you want to experience the glorious attractions of Puerto Prinscesa such as the Langogan Reef, Tubbataha Reef, Honda Bay or the different museums or Look into the Pav-vurulun Festival of Tuguegaraos. Traveling around Luzon can be quite the adventure you are looking for. 

Cebu Pacific "Start The Week Flight" Promo Philippines

Christmas is the time of year where we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This is the only time of the year where we can go home to our hometowns and celebrate it with our loved ones. 

Here in the Philippines, traveling during holidays especially Christmas and New Year can be quite difficult. We would wait hours for a bus ticket just to go home to our loved ones. 

There are a lot of flight travel on sale for November to December but there is one that stands out from all of them. Cebu Pacific has announced their latest promo which is the Start The Week Flight. 

cebu pacific flight
Cebu Pacific Promo Flight

Book as early as now so you can go home and see your family and friends. If you're also planning for a nice vacation for summer you better book now. Sale period will be up to Oct. 25,2014 or until the seats last. The Travel Period will be from November 15,2014 to March 31,2015. If you're planning also for a International business trip, there are also international flights available.