Be Creative Means Be Inspired

Artist find inspiration from all over the place. Sometimes, it can be a bit hard to feel inspired. You just need a jolt of inspiration to get you back into the drawing and painting game. Here are some idea to get your juices going again.

1. Look at things up close and personal

Do you focus on the big picture a lot? How about challenging yourself to go the other way. The little things in life can be fascinating and bring out a boat load of inspiration. A lot of artists look at nature for inspiration. Go outside and be prepared to get dirty. Don't just look at flowers from a distance. What is the smallest feature you can find on a flower? What does the texture of the petals look like? Zoom in like a microscope and go crazy. Look at your cat's fur with new eyes as you look at each individual piece of fur on their face. The world looks completely different when you zoom in and act as if you are an ant. Think of how much bigger the world gets when you look at how small the world gets!

2. Try something new

I know, I know, you hear to try something new all the time, but do you actually do it? I often hear people say they can't draw something or can't do this or that...yet they never try it. Even if you think you cannot draw something or draw in a certain style, try it anyway. Don't allow yourself to get frustrated. It may not look exactly how you want, but you might just discover something new about yourself. Attempting to draw in another style might just bring out a whole new style separate from anything else. It is the can't-do attitude that is holding you back. Embrace what you create and learn from it each step of the way.

3. Take a walk or go drive around

Bring your camera and go out. It doesn't have to be a professional camera. You can use your phone. Just go out and start taking pictures of things that look interesting. Go on a walk to your local park. Wander around trails that are less explored. Take pictures from wacky angles. Go on a drive to somewhere new. Maybe a different city or a different park you have never been to. Going somewhere new and unexplored is a great way to find inspiration. The camera is just there to help you remember, it doesn't have to be wonderful reference picture. Just got out and experience something new!

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