Five Christmas Gifts Ideas for HIM

Only 46 days left until Christmas. Have you done your Christmas shopping? If you haven't done your Christmas shopping yet. Might as well create the list of people you want give a gift. Family and Friends do go first in your Christmas shopping list because these people will never judge no matter what gifts you them. It can be a simple party for your family or baked your friends some Christmas cookies or it can be a simple dinner outside together with both your friends and family (your treat, of course!)

But there is a special someone in your life that you want to give a unique gift. It can be your boyfriend, husband or even your special best friend. It is so hard to find the perfect gift for these people right? I'll give you some tips for a Christmas gift ideas for these people.

Five Gifts Tips for HIM:

1. Coupon Booklet:

    This is a self-made coupon booklet; these are the things you are going to do for him. Like for example, Good for 1 day breakfast in bed, Good for 1 day pamper him, 10 kisses for two days or even one exciting exclusive night treat. You can do about 10-20 pieces of these coupons and bind them all together.

2. Bake for him:

    There are guys that are addicted to sports such as basketball, soccer, bowling, etc. Create them a unique set of their favorite sport in a cake or mini cupcake. They can also be brownies or pancakes for breakfast which ever would prefer to give. Remember, a best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. You can check these different game-themed recipes online.

3. Collage: 

    You can print all of your pictures together from the time you two first met to the meeting the parents. All of your memories together in on whole picture of your wedding or just the picture of you two together just cuddling each other at home. You can have this frame and hang it on your bedroom wall. You can search for a collage maker online. 

4. Movie Marathon:

   A movie marathon may sound common for others. If you are one of those couples who likes to stay home a lot. You can surprise him with a movie marathon with all of his favorite foods, snacks, movies or anime series, and just cuddle each other while watching. 

5. Story Book:

    Create a pop-up story book about from how your love story started to how the future will be. It depends on you on how you want to create this book. There are a lot of videos that can teach you how to do a pop-up story book on your own. I'm sure he'll be surprise and happy for the effort you did.

I hope you like these tips for a gifts tips for him. but all in all, the greatest gift you can give to this person is your love. Of course, just a reminder, don't forget to put God first in your lives because without him you two would be nothing. 

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