Minions are Filipinos?

They are back! The gibberish talker of the Despicable Me movies are now back with the movie of their very own!

Yes, the minion's did make us laugh for the first and second movie, but this time it's the Minion will be the main protagonist.

Let's recall that last year video of the minions speaking the language. In this 48-second video, you could clearly hear them say "narito na" which means It's here and "ikot" which means spin around. A short but funny video that went viral to all Netizens last year. 

The trailer (below) is set to be how their evolution came to be. They started out as a single cell yellow organisms, evolve to the little gibberish creature they are now. Their main life purpose is to find and serve the most despicable and villain-est being in the world. They can find a master easily but keeping their master is much harder than they thought. For throughout their evolution, they served different masters but always die because of circumstances. Like when they served a T.Rex and it ended up died in a volcano. If you're a pharaoh, you might ending up crushing below a pyramid. "Tara Tropa" means let's go friend can be heard during the trailer which proofs that this cute creatures can understand Tagalog, the native language of the Philippines. 

They have many more master such as Napoleon. He experienced being blown away by a canon set by these little guys. They also served a vampire such a master, but ending up killing for his birthday when they open up the curtains during daytime. After numerous failed masters, the Minions got tired and fell into a deep depression. But One minion who is called Kevin along with his two friends Stuart, who loves bananas, and little bob journeys throughout the world to find the boss for their whole tribe. 

Will they be lucky to find their evilest and most despicable master? Find out when you watch the movie which is set to open in the Philippines in July 2015. 

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