Three Christmas Gifts Ideas for HER

There is only 43 days until Christmas. If my post regarding Five Christmas Gifts Tips for him helped you find the perfect Christmas gift for him. I would also like to give you some gift tips for her also on things a girl would want to have for Christmas. In gift giving, a girl is very different, they want to be feel loved all the time. But when it comes to Christmas, they really want to feel more special and more loved than the usual. 

Three Gifts Tips for HER:

1. Accessories:

    Of course, every girl loves an accessory. It can be a bag, jewelry, dress, or wallet whatever it is. Since it's Christmas why not buy her something special like a ring that symbolizes your love for her. 

2. Cook for her:

    She's probably the one who cooks all the time for the two of you. This time why not try not cooking for her. If you're one of those who don't know how to cook, there are simple and elegant dishes you can create just right for Christmas.  

3. Pamper her:

    She's been doing all the chores all the times. Time for your to pamper her like a queen. Simple things like giving her flowers if you haven't given one yet. Give her a massage for her aching back or body. You can also do the chores for her so she can relax. They say "a man is worth keeping when he does your nails" then give her a ultimate mani-pedi. 

I hope this gift ideas would be a help to you. But I will always say this the most beautiful gift you can give to a girl or anybody is your love and loyalty. And never forget God to be the center of your lives.

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