Love Desserts: Sunday Date To Remember!

November and December is really a hectic month for us at work, I'm glad I finally update my blog again this time. But anyways, this blog post is about our fun and sweet experience at Love Desserts! Thanks to Life is Kulayful for the Love Dessert GCs. 

Love Desserts
When we came in, we notice that the place is already jam packed so you can really tell that its really popular. Although the place is quite small to accommodate a lot of people, I still love how they design the place, you'll find it more on family lifestyle kind of theme.

They have this cute tiny plant box glued to their wall that gives a homey touch (left). They also have different poster quotes related to food especially for desserts (right).


I love their Buffet table all of the desserts you would like to have is all here. From different kinds of cakes to mini brownies you would surely like to try. There are also different kinds of tarts I would like to try them all but I got the mood for chocolates! :)

Love Dessert Table

I am a chocoholic type of girl. Chocolates are my stress reliever. That's why on my plate, I chose to check out their chocolate delicacies (right). I took 2 chocolate mousse, 1 oreo chocolate cake, 1 chocolate peanut butter brownie and 1 chocolate. For my dhie's plate, he tried many delicacies but I didn't know all of the names of the dishes sorry (left). For the drinks, there are many to choose from but we chose to get the Milk Tea.

Milk Tea

Cheese Pimiento Stick

Crepes Corner

To balance out the sweet taste of the desserts, we also got some tacos and cheese pimiento sticks which I liked. We weren't able to try their rice meals, their crepes and also their Big Scoop ice creams but we will definitely be back together with our family. You can see on our faces how we are truly happy we are with Love Desserts! :) <3

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  1. Love desserts sponsored a party I was just at. Love their chocolate decadent cake and the rainbow cake was also purrrtttty! Sadly I'm not that much of a sweet tooth, so I couldn't try everything on their buffet table. But love it!


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