Mishka Foldable Shoes For Mommies in The Philippines

"Wear good shoes, and those shoes will take you to good places.” 

– Toudo Shizuka 

Just like what this saying teach us. Wearing good shoes will surely take you to good places but the thing is, not all good shoes out there can be easily afford by us mommies which came to the point that we rather choose the cheapest and low quality pair of shoes which only last in a month since were in tight budget. But those days are finally over since Mishka shoes is now here! :)

Mishka Foldable Shoes
Mishka Foldable Shoes

How to cook Tikoy or Chinese New Year's cake

Kiong Hee Huat Tsai! or in other words "Happy Chinese New Year!" This is the year of the Wooden or Goat to be celebrated this coming February 19,2015 (Thursday). 

Here's a little trivia for you guys: Tikoy is actually hokkien word which is "ti kuih" but the real word for it is "Nian Gao" which means Chinese New Year's cake or Sweet Rice Cake.  It is said that good fortune will come to those who eat the Tikoy during the Chinese New Year, which is celebrated all over the world. In China, these sweet rice cakes also get eaten during the "Duanwu Festival" or as we call it the Dragon Boat Festival