Stardibs : A Unique & Thrilling Way To Shop Online

stardibs online auction shopping philippines

Stardibs is the first online celebrity items auction shopping website here in the Philippines. As their name implies, their site focuses in auctioning of your favorite celebrity pre-owned items (Artista Items). Stardibs makes sure that every artista items they feature for auction are genuine and comes with a “Certificate of Provenance” as proof that they came directly from the celebrity.

Another add up which make them unique to other traditional e-commerce site (online auction shopping website ) is that Stardibs also features various high valued items such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, gift certificates and other exciting items that you can bid up to 99% OFF of their original price! that's cool isn't it? 

But before you can shop or start dibbing on their site you need to know first how stardibs work. They have 3 ways to bid for the items of your choice, these are REVERSE AUCTION, REGULAR AUCTION and FOR FREE DIBS ONLY. For you to start bidding you need to sign up and buy stars from them which you can use to dibs the item that you want to shop. 

You can watch this video to know more about them :