How To Prevent Yourself From Heatstroke

Summer is already here! There's a recent news that this might be one of the hottest and driest season ever here in the Philippines. I hope everyone of us should be aware and be ready for this! 

With this season, anyone is bound to have a heatstroke anytime and anywhere. Just like what happen to a girl yesterday, as we were waiting for the public transportation. She began to complain about her skin that feels hot and dry, but not sweaty, she's also crying, hyperventilating, and feeling dizzy and nauseous its fortunate that she has friend that helped her to stand up and took her to a corner, let her drink some water and took off her cardigan so she can breathe properly. To prevent to happen to you, here are some tips for you.

Zomato Press Release: Bringing restaurants to the Digital Age

Today is the age of Internet, our way of life has been modernized by having access to different information easier and faster with just a click away. Internet has now become a basic part of our everyday lives for such people would go online to research for different options before making a decision like deciding where to eat.

For that fact, Food entrepreneurs took advantage of what Internet can do for them. Nowadays, the food industry has been investing their time and effort in making and nourishing to become visible digitally to be able to promote their services and goods online. The web has different opportunities to reach more wider audiences, promoting their business has never been effective and efficient.