How To Prevent Yourself From Heatstroke

Summer is already here! There's a recent news that this might be one of the hottest and driest season ever here in the Philippines. I hope everyone of us should be aware and be ready for this! 

With this season, anyone is bound to have a heatstroke anytime and anywhere. Just like what happen to a girl yesterday, as we were waiting for the public transportation. She began to complain about her skin that feels hot and dry, but not sweaty, she's also crying, hyperventilating, and feeling dizzy and nauseous its fortunate that she has friend that helped her to stand up and took her to a corner, let her drink some water and took off her cardigan so she can breathe properly. To prevent to happen to you, here are some tips for you.

How to prevent a Heatstroke:

1. Drink Frequently

  This is to keep yourself hydrated when you are going to work or a home. It will keep your temperature at normal level. Always have a water bottle with you to prevent dehydration from the heat. If you don't have any water bottle, you can always buy in the nearest one-stop shops like Mini-stop, 711 stores or even Family Mart.

2. Protect your skin against Sunburn

    Placing yourself under a shade such as a tree or pole. Others prefer sunscreen with SPF to be protected from direct heat. If you are swimming or sweating, reapply it every two hours. If you do get sunburned, use a Aloe Vera moisturizer to cool and soften burned area. 

3. Limit Exercise

    If you are an athlete or frequent exercising, you may want to limit it now not unless you're going to the gym like Fitness First and Gold's Gym. For those who rather workout outside, try swimming. It keeps your skin cool but never forget to put sunscreen.

4. Never leave anyone in a car

   For mommies, be careful when leaving your kids in a car park. Whether you just a minute to the store, always take them with you.  Just like what happen to a irresponsible mother leaving his son, he payed the price for it. 

5. Take precaution for taking medications

    In some medications, it can prevent your body's ability to stay hydrated and dissipate heat. Which can cause you to be send to the emergency room. Always ask your doctor if this can affect your body temperature or in other way. 

6. Always wear loose fitting or lightweight clothing

    If you keep wearing tight clothes, your body won't be able to cool properly. Also you can't breathe properly in those tight clothes even though they look good on you. You can try wearing sleeveless shirts for your skin to breather properly. For the bottom, board shorts or skater skirts are very much appropriate for this summer. If you want to styling but still comfortable and cool You can check out ZALORA for stylish skater skirts for the summer. You can wear at a day date with your friends at the mall and at night party on some rocking club. For those who don't know ZALORA, they are a online clothing shop with the latest trends at a affordable price. 

Thanks for reading, I hope this can be a great help for anyone of you :) 

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