LeCiel: The Korea-Style Hotel in Subic

Planning a trip this Christmas but tight on the budget? Why not go the province of Zambales and have a stay-cation in the LeCiel Hotel? 

LECIEL HOTEL provides irresistible and relaxing stay just like in Korea!

Experience a top hotel stay like those in Gangnam with Leciel Hotel.

The LeCiel Hotel at night

With its goal to provide a swanky, irresistible vibe that makes its guest feel like a Kpop celebrity Leciel will be able to give you that without a hefty price. With a wide variety of suites from 39 sq.m. rooms to their Presidential suites - you will think that you are in Gangnam with its one of a kind suites.

They have different amenities such as gym if you like working out in the morning and this is the perfect spot to watch the sun rises in the morning.

This is a glimpse of their saunas. Male and female have separate sauna rooms just like in Korea.

 Lockers are kept clean and safe!

For those you are really stressed out from the everyday work, what you need to try in the massages offered to you by LeCiel Hotel. 

In terms of service they also provide high quality room and customer service in every inquiry. Amenities at Leciel Hotel also will make you love it more with its own spa service and sauna that are similar to the Jjimjilbangs of Korea. They cater to different social gathering events like seminars, birthdays, debuts, and you can also have your honeymoon here.

For more information or general inquiries about the hotel, visit their Facebook page:


Address: LOT 3, 4 & 5 Subic Commercial and Light Industrial Park, Dewey Avenue, Central Business District, Freeport Zone, Subic (Zambales), Philippines 2222
Telephone: 0998 993 9205/0917 713 0721

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