A Home Warranty Plan For Mommy's in Australia

One of the most common challenges that full time mom is to face the unexpected repai and maintenance of their home systems and appliances. It is, therefore, highly useful for mommies to learn about ways to maintain their households. This gives owners the security of not having to spend extra money on unplanned repairs and replacements.

Signing up for a Australian Home Warranty Plan can be an ideal way to look after your home systems and appliances. It’s a worthy household investment which homeowners should consider.

Why you need  Home Warranty?

Home Warranty gives you the peace of mind of a fully-functioning home without having to worry about getting warranty services from different appliance and service providers. Many homeowners are not exactly “home-improvement masters”. Some simply are not encouraged by the idea of doing house maintenance jobs to repair whatever’s broken at home. Getting on a Home Warranty gives homeowners the following benefits:

  • A single trusted contact point for all warranty-related concerns - Purchasing different appliances also mean you’d have to keep track of several contact centers for every appliance. Signing up for a Home Warranty plan gives you a single contact point for all your warranty-related requirements.
  • Non-stop support at your convenience - Usually, when having your appliances serviced by the original manufacturer, you are almost always bound to their service availability. Getting post-sale services can be a pain for many homeowners. Appliance repairs, AC, heating, or hvac repairs, can be all too stressful if you don’t have the ‘first responders’ immediately available. Signing onto a Home Warranty plan can save you from this hassle and provide support 365 days a year.
  • Realize savings, minus unplanned spending - The minimum subscription to a home warranty plan ensures that the key systems and appliances in your home are covered for repair and replacement (learn more about which appliances and systems are covered by clicking here). Imagine saving up for a mini vacation which you’ve been planning on for a couple of months. A few weeks prior to the trip, your airconditioning and ductwork start failing and you figure you need to have this fixed. Without a Home Warranty plan, you’d be paying off a few thousand dollars straight from your savings for that mini vacation. Having a home warranty plan lets you enjoy your savings and have it spent on things you need and want to spend on

Australian Home Protect saw the need to bring this service to Australia and help improve lives of families in the country. We understand the struggle and risk homeowners face and we want to address it.

Upkeep of homes can be very costly. Being able to find reliable support and technicians is an arduous task. Our aim is to make the maintenance phase of your home convenient. You can cover major appliances and critical components of your residences, hassle-free.

You can be assured that if things breakdown, you have a reliable partner that can service and repair these. If the item needs to be replaced then we will do it in compliance and even beyond our service terms. Our aim is to provide assurance for our clients so they can enjoy their homes with peace of mind.

Don’t wait for an appliance or a system breakdown. Make  home warranty an investment for your household today. Contact them here for more details : http://australianhomeprotect.com.au/contact-us