My blog:

(This is all about the things I love to write about!)

Mommy tips: I'm a single mother and wanted to show some of my tips how I take care of my son.  I got to experience the happiness and bitterness of being in love so i put out tips on love and relationship also and I wanted to share all the things I learn during those times. 

Food: I want to share my reviews where me and my future hubby likes pig out sometimes :)

News: Trending about everything :)

Here a little about me:

Name? Rona E. Cuera-O

Nickname? rona, ronabear, mhie :)

Age? You be the judge :)

Email? ronacuerao21@gmail.com or ronacuerao@yahoo.com :)

Google Plus? google.com/+RonaCueraOJammyMommy

Facebook Page? https://www.facebook.com/jammymommyblog

Twitter? https://twitter.com/ronabear08

Pinterest? http://www.pinterest.com/jammymommy_blog

Linkedin? ph.linkedin.com/in/ronacuerao

Stumbleupon? stumbler/JammyMommy

Blog Lovin? http://www.bloglovin.com/jammymommy

Momble? https://momble.me/user/JammyMommy

Occupation?  Social Media Specialist, part-time blogger.

Hobbies? Blogging (Obviously!) and here are a list of my favorite things:

     Favorite anime or manga? One piece, xxxholic, Tsubasa chronicles reservoir :)

     Favorite food? seafoods :) <3

     Favorite shows? animes of course, fliptop battles in youtube, crime and horror series :)

Status? Single by law but taken by heart, mind and body. Single Mommy.